What do designers dream about?

Eleven Italian designers have dreamed up objects, accessories and installations and presented the results of their spontaneous design thoughts to Andreoli, a workshop with a long tradition specialising in the use of Corian®.

Thus eleven ideas brimming with meanings and technological challenges arrived at the Andreoli premises to be produced. The designs effectively express Andreoli's experience in working with Corian® DuPontTM and each of them stresses the company's processes and skill in finding the way to transform ideas into products.

The exhibition – curated by Matteo Ragni and on show from 1st to 3rd March 2007 at the Art&Gallery in via Arese 5, in Milan –, is an oneiric journey that presents these dreams that have become reality in a surreal atmosphere.

The journey commences in a bed designed by Ilaria Marelli and characterised by a motif inspired by nature, before continuing with the perfect form devised by Diego Grandi - an egg-shaped shell bearing the words of Alice in Wonderland. It then proceeds by recalling and reworking classic designs in Sedici Nuovi Animali, with which M+A+P+ designstudio pays tribute to Enzo Mari. Luca Nichetto has used the random and infinite pattern created by a ribbon to form a wall with alternating solids and voids, while Odoardo Fioravanti has a multicoloured dream of covering the city rooftops with Corian® tiles in infinite shades, creating never-ending textured effects. Giulio Iacchetti's dream is embodied in a line that curves down and then back up before continuing its trajectory, forming a comfortable seat, and JoeVelluto dreams of the freedom to ride the perfect wave in the city, aboard a precious skateboard that glides over smooth, unbroken surfaces. Miki Astori has transformed a crescent moon into a relaxing rocking bench, offering reassuring escapist moments and storage for precious books and objects. Setsu and Shinobu Ito have imagined a boat-shaped origami bath to transport our dreams into the bathroom, while our awakening is accompanied by a handy tray for Japanese food, designed by Lorenzo Palmeri, ideal for breakfast in bed. The dream ends with the ChorusDesignGroup, which has devised a bench for public areas, where each of us can rediscover the warmth of home.

Foliage, designed by Ilaria Marelli
What dream could be better than one dreamt in a fairytale bed? An interpretation of a world inhabited by gnomes and princesses, an version of Alice in Wonderland, a Corian® bed resembling intricately carved ivory. The motif is inspired by nature, but the bed is a modern interpretation of a traditional design, composed of an ottoman with a carved wooden headboard, whose sumptuousness lies in its splendid decoration.

Lullaby, designed by Diego Grandi
Lullaby is a nest that holds and envelops a little occupant, cradled by the threads of a fairytale. A perfect shape like an eggshell is translated into a protective embrace, where the words of the story of Alice in Wonderland become a symbolic pretext to accompany and watch over the sleep of a baby. Sweet dreams!

Sedici nuovi animali. A tribute to Enzo Mari, designed by M+A+P+ Designstudio
We were deeply impressed by Enzo Mari's Sedici Animali and moved by their harmonious grace, geometric repetition and perfect proportions. Thus we decided to create an anti-classical countermelody as a tribute to the great master: Sedici nuovi animali, whose imperfect contemporaneousness reminds us that the aesthetic and expressive panorama is constantly and ceaselessly changing.

Neverending, designed by Luca Nichetto
A ribbon unravels, winds, twists and almost randomly creates a piece that seems never-ending. Several adjoining elements can be used to form a sort of light partition wall, whose solids and voids merge in the sinuous and elastic unfurling of the ribbon. The contrast between material presence and form is a further hallmark of the design, which transforms Corian® and makes it unexpectedly ductile and transformable, inviting possible new functions.

T-gola, designed by Odoardo Fioravanti
In developing a design aimed to illustrate the qualities of Corian®, it seemed natural to dream of covering the roofs of an idea city with multicoloured tiles in infinite shades. T-gola is a tile designed to make this dream come true, drawing on the complex technologies used by Andreoli. The innovative laying system allows great movement of shapes even on geometric architecture, creating complex three-dimensional effects.

Majorana, designed by Giulio Iacchetti
A two-level seating system for public areas that, if necessary, can also be used as a chaise longue for extended or overnight waits. «This seat can be summed up by tracing a line that curves down and then back up before continuing its trajectory. All the rest is monolithic white, an effect that I sought from the outset: I had a dream and I achieved it.»

Just SURFace!, designed by JoeVelluto
It would be a dream if all objects could have smooth, flowing, unbroken surfaces: furniture that can be surfed with a luxurious skateboard. Just SURFace! is a celebration of freedom, in order to experience the city, urban furnishings and objects as though riding an ocean breaker.

MoonMoon, designed by Miki Astori
If the right size, a crescent moon can be the ideal place for getting away from it all. It allows you to laze about in a padded drowse lulled by a slight rocking, but also read, chat, straddle it, store your dearest objects, use it as a seesaw with a friend, undergo psychotherapy, sleep deeply or daydream.

Hakobune, designed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito
A bath and a washbasin. Two light and touching objects, like a subtle origami shape. The reference to Oriental culture is clear, but the rigour of the Japanese design is warmed by the translucence of Corian® Ice White. This new addition to the bathroom is a synthesis of technology and tradition, which paves the way for the innovative use of the material.

SU-doku, designed by Lorenzo Palmeri
This project is a tribute to Japanese cuisine. Every single piece of sushi has its own little podium, like an ephemeral object of edible art. The squares, created directly on the Corian® surface, form a grid that contrasts with the fluid form of the supporting structure. Soy sauce can flow along the grooves formed by the squares, like a river lapping the shores of little islands. The hollow part of SU-doku is the ideal place for carrying cutlery or napkins or holding traditional sushi bowls.

Paolo.a, designed by ChorusDesignGroup
While devised for public areas, this piece displays an affinity with interior furnishings, creating a new living dimension. Paolo, Paola, Paolo.a is envisaged as the expression of social relations that are increasingly confined to the home, rather than manifested in the sphere of human interaction in the urban setting. The bench and the lampshade sum up two main archetypes: the horizontal dimension – the relationship with the ground – and the vertical one, straining towards the sky. The outline of the perforated mattress-seat and the diffuser with lampshade evoke the sense of rest and warmth typical of our homes.

Matteo Ragni, curator of the exhibit, says: «I Have a Dream! is a dream come true, demonstrating that Italian companies are still willing to experiment and establish two-way communication with designers, particularly in the presence of a specialised workshop that acts as a hinge between these two worlds. Today this means continuing the experience of Italian design by following the tracks of its history, but with the awareness of a different design complexity typical of our own time. Hats off to Andreoli, then, for having wished and managed to express the human factor throughout the entire story of I Have a Dream!. We obviously worked, but also discussed, talked, laughed and lunched, for this too is design!»

Matteo Ragni
Corian DuPont
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Federica Capoduri 







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Umberto Rovelli