Now at its third edition Vindesign is a national exhibition, with a recognition from Regione Lombardia one of the most prestigious events in Pavia.
The event (Pavia, Palazzo del Broletto, from the 25th to the 30th of May 2007) is organized by Paviamostre, a special concern of Camera di Commercio in Pavia, cooperating with CNA in Pavia; Vindesign represents the apex of a long creative path.

Vindesign is a workshop for firms culminating each year in an exhibition of projects, prototypes, products connected with the world of wine and spirits.
This project started 2005; its main task is to improve the small and medium concern and the craftsmanship putting them in contact with the world of design. It promotes the innovation of products and contributes to the improvement of wine marketing in one of the most significant areas for viticulture.

Vindesign is an occasion for firms to meet designers and confront with them, learning ergonomics, ecological compatibility and innovation of products. It exposes prototypes, created by new promising designers as well as famous ones. These ideas are realised by small firms and craftsmen.

Vindesign takes part also in Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan: an occasion to be involved in the world of design. In this way Vindesign is the protagonist at Vinitaly in Verona, together with Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, in the Lombardia pavilion. In this occasion will be exposed prototypes and projects of the first editions of Vindesign, now ready to compete with the world of wine on an international level.

Blais, by Matteo Bertanelli
Blais is an alternative to the classic silver wine cooler. Its design is innovative and technological like the carbon and aluminum fibers.

Punt, by Enrico Azzimonti and Jordi Pigem
Punt is a glacette inspired by the fusion of objects used commonly on the table: the tray, and a bottle container, that allows carrying glasses and keeping the bottle at temperature. The prototype is made of steel and can be put into the refrigerator in order to keep the temperature of bottles and glasses. The size can change according to the number of people that you have to cater. Moreover it is possible to put a bowl instead of the glacette, which makes this item more versatile.

Pop, by Enrico Azzimonti
It's a simple bottle stopper but it can close a great variety of bottles: Water, wine, sparkling wine bottles. It can be realized in many different colors and personalized with stickers. Pop can be great if used as a gadget.

Graal, by Alessandra Baldereschi
Graal is a way to try to work on a shape, a shape as rigorous as the one of wine glasses is. The glass becomes an handle and is fixed on the upper part, creating a new way of grabbing the glass itself.

Gocciolina, by Daniele Bruno Cattarin and Giuseppe Maffei
Gocciolina is very innovative among the wine gadgets. It's a funny usb device, in which is possible memorize a presentation of the history of that kind of wine, of the producer and of some of the featuresof the bottle. It needs just to be inserted in a PC in order to gain information of every kind.

Lifejacket, by Daniele Bruno Cattarin and Giuseppe Maffei
This solution is practical and nice. It is like a mattress. Lifejacket is an inflatable stuffing, it preserves bottles from crashes while you transport it. It keeps the bottle safe even if you drop it. Considered its adaptable shape it preserves every kind of bottle.

Na Zdarovie, by Antonio Cos
Na Zdarovie is a glass inspired to a Russian folk custom: each banqueter smashes his glass after the toast. It is very simple but at the same time it has the shape of a jewel.

Duetto, by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni
Duetto is a precious object, like a jewel. Its beautiful shape consents to keep bottle and glasses together. When it is positioned on the bottle neck and in this way it creates a charming and romantic atmosphere for a supper by candle-light.

Vinuccio, by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni
An extension of its stem is sufficient to transform the glass in an object to hang tarallis. It is a brilliant idea that allows hanging every holed food with a funny solution.

Freewine, by Gabriele Diamanti
The tastevin is the professional tool used by wine professionists, Thanks to Freewine become a more popular item. It is a little bit ironic, since it allows everyone playing at the sommelier, it can be used during wine manifestations. Even the material has an irreverent connotation; it is in fact, plastic. It is a very cheep gadget easy to personalize, and impalpable, as glasses are. It is moreover endowed with a plastic neck collar, separable from the object.

Narciso, by Gabriele Diamanti
It is a courageous glass with a special mirrored bottom. The shape can vary in dimension and it has an oval mouth. It is very beautiful and functional: it permits to appreciate different flavors and fragrances. Narciso can even be cruel: it reflects the wine color of the swollen drinker's face.

Hub, by Roberto Giacomucci
With its finish and elegance Hub evokes the magic essence of wine. It's a decanter made of blown glass, it recalls a suspended air bubble.

Salvalacrima, by GlueGlueDesign (Luca De Sanctis, Matteo Lo Manto, Fabian Niederkofler)
One of the most important elements in the world of wine is passion: there is passion in producing wine, in selling wine and in drinking wine, this is why this drip collar recalls the idea of passion: the wine falls in drops from the bottle and becomes an element of communication together whit the message printed on drip collar, it is a disposable drip collar, people can take it away. Salvalacrima is a paper drip collar: you throw it away after you use it, or you can even keep it in order to remember a particular moment.

Hola Chica!, by GlueGlueDesign (Luca De Sanctis, Matteo Lo Manto, Fabian Niederkofler)
Hola Chica! is very innovative and fascinating: it's a sangria, fruit cocktail and in particular citrus fruit cocktail glass. It is composed by a stem with a base, like the stem of the classic wine glass. On this object you can put half squeezed orange. A strong magnet can fix the fruit to the stem. It is remarkable the opposition between the polished stem and the irregularity of the fruits.

Strappo, by GlueGlueDesign (Luca De Sanctis, Matteo Lo Manto, Fabian Niederkofler)
A nice play on shapes, it is a nice mixture the one of cork and Strappo, an elastic bottle stopper that allows easily opening and closing the bottle. It is functional to show the bottle stopper and you can use it as a stopper as well, is this case the cork bottle stopper becomes its handle.

Swing, by Gumdesign (Laura Fiaschi, Gabriele Pardi)
Wine professionals don't want the wine glass shape to be altered, that is why the design changes only the base of the glass. If you touch it the curved base allows smelling the wine's fragrance, with no need to make the glass rotate.

On view, by Gumdesign (Laura Fiaschi, Gabriele Pardi)
It is a glass suitable for wine, spirits and beverages. On view wants to contain the liquid, as a precious, that is why it is composed by a glass inside another glass: it is in order to admire the color and the brightness of wine. The double surface produces a very pleasant rounded rim.

Shadow, by Gumdesign (Laura Fiaschi, Gabriele Pardi)
Its shape is beautiful: a coaster shaped as a stemmed glass that produces a beautiful play of lights and shadows to embellish the table. Shadow transforms the water glass shadow into a wine glass shadow. It is a metallic coaster that supports the wine glass. It can be used as a coaster and also to lay bread.

La casa del vino, by Ilaria Marelli
It is a wine exhibitor available in different sizes and colors. You can use it alone or as a module. The latter solution creates sort of a little city peopled by red and white wines.

Wine blot, by Daniela Maurer and Chiara Moreschi
It's both a wine tasting tablecloth usable also as a notepad. In fact you can take note of different wines on it. There is also a section in which we can spill some tasted wine to remember the wine color. You can turn Wine blot down, and use it again.

Glass-Spat, by Daniela Maurer and Chiara Moreschi
It's a label for wine tasting with a double function: it can be used to mark wine's features and consumers can take a note on it about some wine. Thanks to its structure Glass-Spat can be used with every kind of glass. It's also a funny object that personalizes your own glass.

Tropica, by Gabriele Mirone
Cocktail can recall exotic intriguing atmospheres: colored ingredients, different shaped glasses and nice ornaments. Tropica is a plastic straw, it can be thrown or used again, and it evokes the freshness of exotic nature.

Happywine, by Donato Nappo
Happywine is a new concept of drinking wine without the classical glasses. It's a sort of stemmed glass made of plastic that contains the canonical dose of wine. A thin-film seals the wine inside and a docket describes its content. It can be closed screwing its cap trough a plinth.

D-vino, by Sayonara Rush Design
This fascinating shaped tray can serve wine in a functional and elegant way, because it holds 6 glasses. Another version with a wine cooler is available: the steel bottle bin can in fact become a glacette.

Carica vino, by Sayonara Rush Design
It's functional, fine and amusing. Carica vino recalls an old toy's winding up key. It is a recreation object that makes wine tasting funny.

Wall wine, by Sayonara Rush Design
It is a little wine cellar with a led back lighting; it represents a new way to show bottles of wine in different contexts, it ism also a fine piece of furniture.

Glass tie, by Giulio Iacchetti, Matteo Ragni and Guillaume Cazaudehore
There is no wine manifestation, in which a glass holder is not used; usually it is featureless and dreadfully precarious. Glass tie tips over this idea and makes the glass holder a functional and fine object, a sort of multipurpose tie.

Wine discover, by Cristian Riccardi
Wine Bottles, in a near future, will carry together with bar codes an RFId tag: a unique identifier, readable at distance. That's exactly the role of Wine discover, not just a key ring, but a wine reader, designed to control genuineness, to obtain information about the wine in the bottles, to catalogue them, and to keep your wine cellar updated. It contains an RFId reader and a Bluetooth connection in order to be used with laptops, computers or mobile phones. It can also be a personal identifier since it has an RFId tag incorporated.

Pupazzo tappo, by Cristian Riccardi
It's a bottle stopper to play with. You can hang it on the fridge when you don't need it. Pupazzo tappo has a magnet that allows fixing it on every kind of metal. Lots of versions are available. You can collect each shape and share a collection with your friends.

Salvavino, by Cristian Riccardi
Salvavino is a soft glacette. You can keep it inside the freezer. Its material and structure consent to use it without problems even when it is frozen.

Nastro, by Fabrizio Tiribilli
Nastro has a simple and intuitive shape. The glazed spaces are supposed to be the coaster and the bottle stopper holder. It is shaped in order to put it in a common bottle box, so that is possible to crate a gift package with it, and it is easy to send it by mail. You can wash it in the washing machine. It is available in 75 different colors and it can be personalized with a logo.

Vivaldi, by Fabrizio Tiribilli
Vivaldi has a pleasant shape. It is used during wine tasting to drain wine in excess. The dynamic and baroque shape is very functional: it has in fact an extended entrance and a groovy neck to in order to hide the content. You can wash it whenever you like it with the washing machine because of its material, which is clay. It is available in 75 different colors and it is also possible to personalize it.

Alina, by Lorenzo Palmeri
It's a small object that you can transform according to the occasions in which you drink wine. Alina can be presented with the bottle during wine tasting; it creates every time the right atmosphere.

Atichetta, by Lorenzo Palmeri
Atichetta is an untypical label. It is pasty and endowed with a handle to in order to transport bottles. It can be personalized.

Lanacotta, by Lorenzo Palmeri
Lanacotta is a thermal bag of a nice feeling material and a handle to serve wine with no need to take the bottle off. It is endowed with a drop stop system.

Vindesign is a national event supported by Regione Lombardia. Moreover, which is most important ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) the event for year 2007.

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