Promosedia 2007 - International Chair Exhibition (8-11 September 2007) - closed with good results. The quality of the exhibition, the number of fruitful contacts declared by companies, and the level of general satisfaction expressed by everybody, exhibitors and trade visitors alike, made it a definetely interesting event. This result confirms the international role and the specific value attributed by sector operators to this exhibition in comparison with other events in the furnishing sector. This highly specialized fair has remained over the years a unique event in terms of both range and variety of seatings displayed.

Promosedia 2007 distinguished itself in the high level of international participation: 65 participating countries from the 5 continents, with a consolidated number of trade visitors from Europe and in particular from Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Slovenia and Spain - bearing witness to the fact that the appreciation of the Euro currency has led to a general strengthening of relationships with EU member countries. The exhibition also saw the participation of new countries from outside Europe with great business potential, such as India and the Arab Emirates, which are considered nowadays as the new business frontiers.
A detailed analysis of data on trade visitors shows that, in comparison with 2006, this year the exhibition registered an increase in the number of contractors, interior designers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers while confirming the number of buyers, architects and designers that visited the fair.

The results achieved by Promosedia 2007 were also partly due to the high level of expertise and quality of the exhibits presented by the Italian and foreign companies operating in the field of chair production for various sectors: contract, residential, office, congress, the aged and childhood, using the most diverse materials and proposing an extremely vast array of finishes. Products displayed included tables, occasional tables, small furniture items and allied accessories, all contributing to the creation of homogeneous furnishing solutions for the living area of the house as well as for the hospitality sector.

The organisation of Promosedia 2007 resulted from an even closer collaboration between Promosedia and "Udine e Gorizia Fiere", the event management company that played a primary role in performing some organisational functions with particular regard to the management of exhibitors. The success of the exhibition, which lasted four days and saw many meetings and negotiations, was undoubtedly due to a more dynamic economic phase in comparison with previous years, but also to the fact that this exhibition has a unique characteristic, i.e. the ability to promote strong, immediate relations between people and the chance to compare products directly: this allows trade visitors to take the time to analyse the technical details as well as the innovation and quality characteristics of each model displayed, while establishing immediate dialogues with the exhibiting companies and seizing those opportunities that are hardly ever grasped on the occasion of other larger and consequently more hectic exhibitions.

The competition
An entire pavilion was dedicated to young design within the framework of the Promosedia International Design Competition Caiazza Memorial Challenge.
It housed the prototypes from the Section by Invitation coordinated by Marco Romanelli, who this year was assisted in the selection of young designers by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Fabio Novembre. Protagonists of the event were:

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec:
Benjamin Graindorge - with the Dress chair;
Perrine Vigneron - with the One-hundred pieces chair.

Fabio Novembre:
Julia Lohmann - with the Sammler chair;
Luca Nichetto - with the Takae chair.

Marco Romanelli:
Mikko Laakkonen - with the Eno chair;
Daniele Lupo & Angelika Burtscher - with the Jimmy chair.

The exhibition presented, alongside the model conceived for Promosedia, products realised by every single designer for international furniture design companies as well as interesting prototypes of new projects. Alongside them, also the prototypes of the winning models of the Open Section of the competition - that this year included more than 300 designs from all over the world - were on show:

Julian Appelius (Germany), winner of the First Prize with the Pinocchio chair

Jacopo Maria Giagnoni (Italy), winner of the Honourable Mention for the Lisa design

The Thai o-d-a (object design alliance) of Piti Amraranga and Jutamas Buranajade, winner of an Honourable Mention for the NRML design

Lastly a Special Mention was won by Silvia Manelli (Italy) for the Twins design

The panel of judges for the 2007 Open Section included: Alba Cappellieri, lecturer of History of Architecture and Design at the Politecnico di Milano Technical University; Cristina Morozzi, journalist; Luisa Bocchietto, designer and President of ADI Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta; Alexander Kuckuk, journalist; Alberto Pratelli, President of the ADI Friuli Venezia Giulia; Marco Romanelli, designer and critic; Franco Buttazzoni, President of Promosedia.

The prizes
The exhibition featured a very full calendar of events. A prominent role was played by the highly coveted Top Ten prize that is awarded every year to the best products proposed.
The award is recognition of the goals achieved by the exhibiting companies and the designers who invest in innovation and technology and who have made quality their watchword.
The prestigious international jury (including Paolo Favaretto, Franco Mirenzi, Paul Mcgillick, Patrizia Moroso, Sergio Paroni, Enrico Pirovano) noticed that all the competing models shared a common trend towards rediscovering wood.
The Top Ten Promosedia 2007 - International Chair Exhibition models were on show in pavilion 6 where they were appraised by the specialist press, designers and architects.


Vincent V. G. designed by Werther Toffoloni

Pod designed by Lucci & Orlandini design

Riva designed by ForUse

HF designed by Emilio Nanni


Cell designed by Anon Parot

Laser designed by Fabio Di Bartolomei

Evergreen designed by Studio Edi and Paolo Ciani

Lotus designed by Studio Edi and Paolo Ciani

Sign designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Mascheri

Flag designed by Emilio Nanni

The latter were in charge of selecting the two most interesting models: The Contract Chair of the Year and The Residential Chair of the Year, respectively the Pod model designed by Lucci & Orlandini design and Sign designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Mascheri.

edited by: 
Federica Capoduri 












in cooperation with:
Martin Rance