Milan - April 14th / 19th, 2004

In its first presence at the Milan Furniture Fair Duepuntosette presents: Amoremio - aluminium system for complements and furnishing created by Denis Santachiara: Amoremio Seats Program - a system for the creation of seats with cushion like Single, Friends, Lovers, Cinema and Party; a series of volumes like Stand By, Stand By Duo and Stand By Trio, and the integration of the seats with volumes like Stand By Me, Stand By Friends and Stand By Lovers -, Amoremio Accesory Program - integrable accessories to the system Control-book, Carries magazine, Clotheshook, Crutch carries clothing, Writing Desk and Factor to cross, - and Amoremio Small Brackets to Wall Program.

Segis presents Ellipse - series of tables designed by Bartoli Design.

Green proposes its pieces of furniture and secondary for the house, created by Cristian Gori: Sirio - holding-table in shiny polycarbon, with painted metal base in silver and alluminium top -, Bongo - set of holding-table with painted alluminium top -, Bubble Light, Bubble Table - rocking stool which can be used as seat or low table with base of coloured plastic material -, Dodo - rocking seat-stool and low table, in white, black, green, orange -, Ellipse, Ellipse Table - pouff and low table with painted metal base in silver -, Flute - metal halogen floor lamp with painted steel or covered with hide leather -, Airled - metal halogen floor lamp with painted steel base and leather shade - and Airnet - floor lamp with leather shade.

The new Fasem collection includes Extremis - system of tables with tops avaliable in float glass either transparent or various colours, created by Archirivolto.

Campeggi presents Q.letto - piece of furniture that can be a sofa cushion or a pouf but also an inflatable bed created by Denis Santachiara.

The production of Ycami tests different styles, possesses various identities, simple and variable, and matches several personalities: Shanghai - sideboards-storage units with structure in mat anodised aluminium with adjustable feet - and Manhattan - range of CD-rack shelves in mat anodised aluminium sheet -, both of them created by Carlo Colombo -, Yo yo - table with extruded aluminium frame also available in the extensible version by Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi -, Ipsilon - range of fixed tables with aluminium frame and tops in different materials, designed by Raul Barbieri -, Scriba - collection of equipped writing-desks with tops avaliable in different sizes, designed by Claudio Bellini -, Myself - range of mirrors with box in mat anodised extruded aluminium, on project by Tamar Ben David -, Di giorno Di notte - range of multifunctional drawers/wall shelves, created by Luigi Trenti -, Tower - revolving stand for TV with lower space for DVD-player, designed by Adriano Castiglioni -, Karel - range of free-standing multifunctional storage units/trolleys, designed by Studio Elisabetta Villa with D. Grandi and F. Calvi - and, finally, Sempione - a container with aluminium structure projected by Studio Decoma.

In this show, Molteni&C presents a synthesis of its entire forniture and accesory collection for the "Molteni Home": Diamond - a range of square and rectangular tables featuring an unusually shaped leg and a thin glass and wood top - and Diamond - a range of beds with a new leg and bedhead reminiscent of a diamond -, both of them created by Patricia Urquiola, JeanLuc - a range of upholstered beds with slender bridge sides and comfortable padded headboard, planned from Tamar Ben David - and 505 - a vertical bookcase that extends laterally into a long low bench, designed by Luca Meda.

This year, Moroso presents its total living, or the infinite possibilities of interpreting day zones and waiting areas: Osorom - table with the diameter of 120 centimetres and the variable-density, by Konstantin Grcic -, Pause 2 - a development of the shelf unit presented last year designed by Aziz Sariyer - and Yoyo - lean-designed sofa tables in painted or lacquered curved laminate, designed by Jakob Wagner.

Kartell presents François Ghost - a series of wall mirrors in three sizes -, Henry Ghost - a shelf with a classic shape - and Eduard Ghost, all created by Philippe Starck, then Usame - a complex and articulated object hybridizing the coffee table with the magazine holder, designed by Patricia Urquiola -, Glossy - a series of tables, coffee tables and side tables, with the structure in chromed steel, designed by Antonio Citterio -, Bourgie - a lamp, designed by Ferrucio Laviani- and Four - a practical and elegant table, allowing for drawers or container furniture or computer supports, again by Ferrucio Laviani.

The innovative collection Softband created by Rossi di Albizzate includes: Supersassi - a range composed of more than 30 pieces, today improved by a sofa with opposite backs and services tables, sofa for halls with all round seated and with or whithout bottom lightening and a big round bed, on project by Matteo Thun.

With its typical design, Artifort presents: Extens, a new sideboard system covers a new construction concept based on advanced adhesive techniques to join aluminum corner-elements with wooden panels; this creating a unique image and strong structure - designed by Khodi Feiz.

Designed by Bruno Fattorini, MDF Italia introduces, Elevenfive – a wall panel self-supporting system which can incorporate hanging elements and shelves and also can be flanked with other MDF Italia products such as Minima and Lowboard.

Frighetto introduces Luz - container with lighted base available in two lengths - and More - container available in two lengths, with sliding or hinged doors - both designed by Delfinetti Design Associati.

As usually are many the products that Magis proposes this year: Tango Table - collection of tables with tops in compact form or or tempered glass by Stefano Giovannoni -, Table_One - table in polished anodised aluminium by Konstantin Grcic -, Trash - waste-paper baskets in polypropylene designed by Jasper Morrison - and the lighting Me Too Collection that comprises: Puppy, Upside down chair and Bam-boo by Eero Aarnio; My Space and My House by Björn Dahlström; Summer to Spring by El Ultimo Grito; Tabi by Marco Ferreri; Football tape by Martí Guixé; Pop by Enzo Mari; Ladrillos, Nido, Julian, El Baul, Pupitre and Rueda by Javier Mariscal; Agma and Puzzle Carpet by Satyendra Pakhalé; Little Flare by Marcel Wanders.

Felicerossi presents Vegas - dynamic system of modular cupboards that can be oriented independently designed by Carlo Magnoli.

Together to its historical masterpieces - as, for example, the "Compasso d'Oro" Sciangai by De Pas-D'urbino-Lomazzi -, Zanotta presents some novelties: Giò and Ambrogio - furnishing accessories by Stephen Burks -, the occasional tables Grillo - by Raul Barbieri - and Lucciolo - by Ilaria Marelli and Diana Eugeni -, Slim - a bookcase by Todd Bracher -, Speed - a furniture range designed by Carlo Colombo both for the home and for the offices -, Jack - a multi-purpose table system designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba -, Sanmarco - table designed in 1984 by Gae Aulenti now available with red and black cristal top, or in alluminium.

Also this year, B.R.F. proposes two of its most popular projects: Jo-Jo - small table in polyethylene designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini - and Loop - bookstore designed by Cisotti Laube Studio.

Pastoe presents the updated version of Frame, an alluminium holder available in 48 colour version.

Michela Curetti, for the first time at the Milan International Furniture Fair, presents Le Qr, a contemporary linear shaped leather carpet.

Fuori Salone. SOTTOCORNO9 studiogalleria, via Sottocorno, 9 - underground to San Babila
Edited by Giuseppe Di Somma, EXIT'80 is the exhibition devoted to the ceramics produced and realized by Alessio Sarri in '80s. The exhibition shows products designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier, Alessandro Mendini, Marcello Panza, Franco Raggi, Alessio Sarri, George J. Sowden, Ettore Sottsass, Matteo Thun, Nanda Vigo.

Fuori Salone. Andrea Gabbianelli, via Giangiacomo Mora, 18
After the 2003 exhibit Good luck design, Fable and Design - edited by Gumdesign - is the second edition of the event and hosted by Andrea Gabbianelli. 20 designers on the theme of fable: Nicola Adami, Federico Rossi and Alessandro Vincenzi, Aroundesign, Gianno Brusegan, Giovanni Casellato, Alessandro Copetti, Paolo D'arrigo and Nagy Antal, Maurizio De Lotto, Giuseppe Di Somma, Gumdesign, Raffaele Iannello, Federica Marangoni, Alessandro Menchini, Angelika Morlein, Nucleo, Andrea Ponsi, Luca Scacchetti, Studio Random, Studio Zot, Bianca Susanna e Augustin Thomas, Walter Vallini.

Fuori Salone. Street Dining Design, Palazzo della Triennale
In coopertion with the Slow Food chef and the Master Italian Cooking, Elica presents Om: an innovative and original cooker hood in tempered cristal with serigraph. And from April 14 to June 30 2004 the competition MyOm runs on the web.

Fuori Salone. ONE OFF / Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Luigi Nono, 7
In dust we trust is the title of a collection of thirty practical objects created by 20 young designers - Tim Boyce, Will Carey, Chris Coombes, Guillaume Delvigne, Cristiana Giopato, Jim Hannon, Kyoko Inoda, Zoran Jedrejcic, Johannes Klein, Alexander Lohr, Maria Martinez Fayo, Richard Mills, Jorge Najera,Tomas Ortiz Ferrer, Apostolos Porsanidis, Giordano Redaelli, Samuele Sannia, Nils Sveje, Ionna Vautrin, Cynthia Viale, Dunja Weber - and made by Oneoff. Free from production constraints, the object can once again entertain a personal relationship not only with its creator, but also with whoever wishes to enjoy its graces. Exhibition runs from April 13 to 19, 2004.

Fuori Salone. SuperstudioPiù, Via Tortona
Materialise presents the Materialise.mgx 2004 collection. Uniting inspiring talent from the design and art world with its know-how in the high-tech arena, the young Belgian company will bring together the creative work of designers Janne Kyttanen & Jiri Evenhuis (Freedom Of Creation - Olanda) and Naomi Kaempfer.

Fuori Salone. Galleria Gio' Marconi, via Tadino, 15
Ron Arad presents Lo-rez-dolores-tabula-rasa, a futuristic work in which sensuous installations in Corian© are brought to life by ephemeral images, music and voices. Also premiered will be Arad's Oh Void, seating design, in coloured Corian©. Work and seats on view from April 14 to 19, 2004 at the Gallery Gio' Marconi in via Tadino 15.

Fuori Salone. Showroom Maxid, Zona Tortona - Spazio Industria - via G. Bugatti, 7
Maxid presents its new living collection in its showroom in Milan.

Fuori Salone. Showroom Primaluce, Zona Tortona - via Savona, 97
Primaluce the young decor/design elements brand presents for the first time the 2004 collection in its show room in Milan.

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