Milan - April 14th / 19th, 2004

Melbourne Movement is a talented mix of young australian designers, a group of RMIT University that presents: Geo - minimalist forms designed by Adrian Di Vincenzo -, Shag - a lamp created by Brett Stahmer -, Cache - that utilizes modularity to resolve itself into an extremely functional product and is designed by Catherine Nelson -, Tomayto\tomarto and Brootle, both of them projected by Damian Tatangelo -, Bird - elegant and functional with clean lines and movement by Daniel Clancy -, Revolution and Capsule, Urchin - an ambiguous sculpture - and Fruit Loop, all of them created by Lisa Vincitorio -, 8 Bars in C - bench with modular capabilities in a variety of contexts, by Mimi Davey -, Bollu - furniture opened for interpretation, designed by Patricia Pamela -, Stamen, by Pei-Chun Liao -, Spin - sofa designed by Salvino Barone -, Tali - designed by Sherlya -, Walking Stool - created by Stuart James McFarlane -, Give - seating that acknowledges the presence of a body, by Tim Preston -, Tempura - chair with oriental inspiration, designed by Wakana Ishii.

Gabriel & Evenhuis, Alex Gabriel and Willeke Evenhuis, two young design talents, have presented the collection RP-Lampade: Supersigno, Tenilo, Faruno, Capelo and Konko; lamps that looks like fragile and organic, with new and complex shapes. They seem almost impossible to produce, because they are made with a new 3D-printing technology. The structure of the lamps looks like wood, while at the same time it reminds you of textile or lace. These lamps have names in Esperanto to illustrate the international character of this new production method.

Front, a design group of four swedish women, presents: Animals - design by animals, wallpaper, hooks, lamps and other everyday objects designed by rats, dogs, snakes and beetles, - and Design by... (Surroundings, Explosion, Morph, Scale, Temperature, Scanner, Sunlight, Mechanics, Gravity, Motion, Pressure).

The australian 27 years old Helen Kontouris presents hers furniture collection 2003-2004 composed by: 101 Chair - fibreglass and felt seating that is conceived as an extension of the natural landscape and is searching for interaction, tactility and playfulness - Schmo Lamp - mild steel and plastic stackable lamp, offering multiple options for a variety of situations -, Can U Chair - seating that combines simplicity and elegance in clean lines -, Minka Chair and Minka Chaise - chaise & chair lends design that is a delectable balancing of curves and eloquent sharp lines - and La La Lamp - a collection of lamps that are cheeky and inquisitive.

At the Salone Satellite 2004, Sannia Design introduces Out-Side-In; the collection, designed by Samuele Sannia, of interiors elements that brings into the home the universe of the outside furniture. Five projects on show: Ghiza - cast iron chair -, Taio - reinterpretation of the traditional pot holders -, Tattakky - sculptoral clotheshook in wood-, Low - bench in steel - and Ssstack - bar-table in steel with top in MDF.

Studio Wagner introduces the recently works by Wolf Udo Wagner: Litelight - reading and ambient light adjustable to get direct or different kinds of light - Iman light - prototype in Aluminium - Dejane light - prototype in stainless steel, acryl colour white and white/black - , See chair - seat in stainless steel, wood, fabric or painted -, Lounger 02 - seats in PUR, GFK and stainless steel -, the clock Red 12 and the multipurpose set Sit In.

Art Center College of Design introduces the interesting work realized by its students: My Chair - a curious folding chair that takes its shape from the seated human body designed by Joe O'Brien -, Interlocking Tray/Tables - an hibrid and multipurposed object conceived by Amber Svoboda -, Nomad Floor Lamp - an innovative project on teh social and spacial ramifications of "free-range" lighting objects by Daniel Stromborg -, Roosting Bench - organic group-seating arrangement designed by Matthew Hollingsworth -, Rocking Lounge Chair - casual seating arrangement, by Shawn Littrell, that invited one to explore the possibilities of use and function - and Dino - compact and easily assembling chaise lounge designed by Ana Franco for the urban nomad.

Studio Sigla presents two events: Progetto workshop and Sigla Young.
Progetto workshop hosted in East End Studios, presents the project-product workshop results by 71 young designers. At Satellite Salone, a group of young designers - Valentina Downey, Alessandra Genta, Francesco Ghedini, Ori Izbitzky, Wakako Kita, Ines Paolucci e Daniele Statera, Angelo Parisi, Caterina Ricontati, Cosimo Secco and Koki Yoshida - presents projects with the name Sigla Young.

Studio Sigla
Via Asiago 24
tel +39 02 2552593
fax +39 02 25707336

Art Center College of Design
1700 Lida Street
Pasadena, California 91103

Studio Wagner / Wolf Udo Wagner
Hanauer Landstra▀e 161-173
D-60314 Frankfurt/Main Germany
Tel. +49.(0)69.928705-74
Fax +49.(0)69.928705-75

Helen Kontouris
P.O box 316, Port Melbourne
Victoria, Australia, 3207
Tel. +61 3 9646 1732
Fax +61 3 9646 1732

Melbourne Movement
P.O. Box 12716 A'Beckett Street P.O.
Melbourne 8006 Victoria Australia
Tel: +61 402 200 912

Gabriel & Evenhuis
OudeVelperweg 38
6824 NL-HEArnhem
tel. +31(0)263894536

Front Design
Runiusgatan 14
S-112 55 Stockholm

Sannia Design / Samuele Sannia
Via Savona 73
20144 Milano
Tel. +39 024234156

edited by: 
Gabriella Masiello 


In cooperation with:
Rubén Roldán Gómez
M.Angeles Fernández Alvarez