Alias, an Italian company, has its headquarters in Grumello del Monte in the province of Bergamo. Since 1979, it has been producing furniture and objects for the home which, through their unusual features, have played an important role in the development of Italian made furnishing culture and on the international high quality design.
In recent years, Alias has chose to open up to the future, by developing structures, tools and methods suitable for facing up to the new producers it competes with on the market. Since its beginnings in 1979, Alias immediately took that original, non-conformist route, in which research and design are all important.

Designers and company are united in creating objects that speak a simple, direct language, have essential shapes and are truly innovative in practice. Every designer co-operating with Alias has a different education, training and background, but if you take a look at the firm's production range as a whole, you cannot fail to notice its intrinsic coherence. It makes all Alias projects look up-to-date, able to cut through time, above and beyond fashion.

In the 2006 edition of the Landscape catalogue, shapes, materials, design and inspiration outline an itinerary based on a designer-production relationship that, in the case of Alias, is fully Italian.
Each design detail represents a fundamental element in the entire process, which is continuously fuelled by research, technology and design.

Designed by Renato Stauffacher and coordinated by Studio Fragile, the Alias installation at Salone del Mobile 2006 invites you to explore and to know its icons, its sets, its landscapes. Space is organised in fragmented ever-changing territories, irregular stages for products that emerge from green platforms set at slant, like drafting tables exhibiting new projects.
Images of Alias icons are reproduced all around, forming infinite graphic motifs and providing frames for a landscape where the artificiality of technology is mated to the irregularity of nature in its constantly evolving processes.

At the 2006 edition of the Show, Alias displays Fly, a new chair styled by Marco Acerbis, and the evolution embodied in other products, generating sets enriched with new performances and possibilities.
Design and technology join forces to create a chair that seems to float in the ethereal dimension of air: Fly. Few, well-balanced curved outline a chair that is both light-weight and sturdy, accurate and innovative. It is characterised by components whose thickness varies in the design, adding real solidity and readily perceived formal variations.
Technology employed is gas printing. The surface finishes give rise to tactile and ergonomic experiences that enhance the performances and the versatility of use of this chair: its surface, which is glossy on the back and seat, becomes opaque over the rest of the body, with a marked shift in the quality of matter and a strong sensorial effect that are clearly identified by the eye.
Elegant in the household environment, at the same time it is practical and refined for contract applications, also thanks to the antistatic properties of nylon and its stackable design.

A new product in the Frame line-up and an evolution of the Rollingframe chair, designed by Alberto Meda. Easy to use and ergonomically styled, the Rollingframe+ has been specially conceived for conference and management rooms, with a five-stoke base and wheels supporting a chair offering maximum practicality and comfort. The base has been enlarged and the seat back is taller, and its sinuous aluminium profile draws an "S" that accommodates most effectively the shapes of the human body. The structure in aluminium has stylish arms in leather textured polyurethane, which complement the chair made of polyester mesh coated with coloured PVC, an element that adds a light quality to the structure and expresses new technological and design capacities. The elegant version without wheels has also evolved. Meetingframe+ adds to the previous version, Meetingframe, all the enhanced comfort-making features that characterise the Rollingframe+, producing a seat rested on four spokes and conceived for prestigious household and business environments.

The Setes bench invites you to sit down and is added to the catalogue as one of the products conceived for outdoor use, embodying the strong character of Alias technology and design. Initially conceived for the public areas of Milan, today it is proposed as a furnishing element for public and private settings, outdoors and in any city.
Simple, recognizable shapes, where the production processes and the materials play a role to make this creation pleasurable to the touch and long-lasting. The structure is made of pressure cast aluminium treated for outdoor use, the lists of the back and seat are made of teak, a material which is very stable and suitable for outdoor applications.

Light-weight, transparent tables, suitable for different uses, in the household or in public environments. These are the tables, always designed by Alberto Meda, adding two new proposals to the rich Frametable line: a version with a glass top and one with a passage for power cables.
In the former, the lines continue to be clean and impeccable, with a bearing structure in pressure cast aluminium and a rectangular top, available in different sizes, consisting of a double layer of glass: it is an Omnidecor glass, the DecorFlou, having a satin-treated texture on one side and a mirror polished surface on the other. In addition to enhancing the strength of the top, the double layer makes it possible to select the texture best in keeping with the chosen setting, by turning the top upside down to define different environments. Many colour variants are available, ranging from ice white to grey, black and bronze. Ideal as a work table, the Frametable version with a passage for power cables has two rectangular holes at the sides of the top, enabling the cables to disappear along the legs and to power, easily and elegantly, the electrical devices rested on the table top.

This set of padded seats, TT designed by Alfredo Häberli, has been enriched with a new stylish element: a leather TT, featuring the prestigious quality of finely crafted upholstery. The seams provide a salient characteristic of this product: they are not only functional elements, they are veritable marks that run down along the midline of the back to distinguish the seats and then reach and - ideally - split in two the base of the seat. The softness of the TT, obtained from a rigid shell covered with foam polyurethane, acquires a new version that releases the product for the widest variety of uses, whether in the household or in the contract sector, while retaining all the practical features that set apart the TTs, all of them with fully removable covers.

A padded seat, enveloping and comfortable: this is the essence of the Taormina armchair, featuring a padded shell in techno-polymer mated to flexible foam polyurethane. The evolution of this product relies on new covering materials, that make it even more versatile, ideally suitable for the widest variety of private and public environments. Its elegant leather version is manufactured according to the typical modalities of the upholstery shop, where the seams are underscored and the details have precious qualities; it is eminently practical in the new proposal upholstered with FA Njord fabric; both versions have fully removable covers.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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