The creation of Adrenalina, operating in this sector since 1973, became reality after the meeting with the florentine architect and designer Simone Micheli. The year 1999 marks the entrance in the productive sector thanks to the participation to the exhibition Abitare Il Tempo in 1999, where a first line of trendy sofas, excessive and daring in shapes and colors was presented, thus anticipating the return of color which was becoming popular in fashion and that slowly started to affect the furniture sector. At the beginning Adrenalina preferred the contract world, because it seemed more open and available to new materials, shapes, colors, combinations and contrasts. Adrenalina is very successful in many European markets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, in the former Soviet Union countries and in Europe in general and in the US. But the diamond tip of the business is Great Britain, a very fluid market and constantly evolving, where a lot is invested in room renewal, but people also dare more in the homes with more fun pieces.
Today, the Adrenalina's proposals capture the attention of a curious public, not only young but very heterogeneous.

This year, once again, Adrenalina sets itself apart as a refuge of originality, a place where difference is considered a value to be safe-guarded. Adrenalina, with its innovative and audacious furnishings, is the freedom to express yourself, to daydream out loud and to colour your imagination.
The new 2006 Collection features colourful, ironic, playful and unusually-shaped pieces built around the precepts of comfort and practicality, the essential elements of sofa and armchair design. These exceptionally original soft furnishings, bursting with energy, are perfect for those who enjoy living in among eye-catching pieces capable of lending unique character to their host surroundings. Shapes and colours of experimental vocation that highlight the personality and passions of those inhabiting the scene and carry the spell of tradition along with the magic of the latest styles.

New proposals and re-workings of the best pieces of previous collections, designed, as always, by Simone Micheli, represent the battle cry of Adrenalina for 2006.

New Look for two "cult" collections by Adrenalina. The soft design is made explosive by the flower-pop fabric, which gives the collections Ata and Ubo, at the same time, a neo-romantic charme.

Motonda is the leading piece of this collection; a travelling being that enters the galaxy of the domestic environment to reveal its mutant personality. Enveloping shapes that create a fashionable nest in which to curl up. Dynamic through and thorough. A space within space. A spectacular hide-away where you can reclaim intimacy declaring your own eccentricity.

Wallpaper fabrics from the '60s and '70s create movement and give power to the geometric pouf collection Pan.

S'ims represents the coming together of the past and present to generate the future; Simone Micheli pays homage to the great designer Charles Eames, concentrating the main characteristics of the philosophy of the American designer within this piece. Whim and imagination are expressed by means of extreme formal essential and yet deep simplicity suggesting a murmuring desire for the limelight. Collection composed of 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, armchair, coffee-table and pouf, characterized by curved wooden backrests.

S-Oft is an eulogy to flexibility, a system of different possible compositions and interchangeable elements that sits comfortably at home in a wide range of contexts. First it is a sofa and then a bed before becoming a lamp – S-Oft stands for full-on design and multi-purpose elegance.
Seating system composed of armchair, 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa and pouf. All elements can be combined together and offer a wide choice of armrests: big, medium and small size. Inox steel table surfaces can be put on the armrests.

Tip an unusual "sitting idea" created by the visionary imagination of Adrenalina's designer Simone Micheli and supported by Swarovski, who decided to cover It with a particular synthetic vinylic material adorned with crystals. The simple pouf becomes a precious jewel reflecting light and elegance. Made of wooden, polyrethan and fiberfill. Backrest in chromed inox steel,coverei with "Crystal Glaze" by Swarovski.

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