Arflex was born in 1950. Arflex creates, produces it and commercializes furnishing products for the house, the office and the contract of high technological and aesthetic level.
The products, from the innovative forms and with vanguard technologies, are fruit of continuous in-depth researches and experimentations, let alone of the cooperation and the engagement of Italian and foreign architects and designers.
The vocation eminently test her of Arflex what is with a commercial nature which specific attention to the distributive organization in Italy springs from combined abroad.

New and interesting products are presented at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2006.

Following his minimalist and rigorous stylistic line, Vincent Van Duysen has signed a new system of seatings called Cousy, which has been created in various versions: Sofa in three different sizes, armchair and pouf. The solid beechwood structure is covered with differentiated density polyurethane foam and fibre cover. The backrest and the rigid and small-sized armrests welcome large cushions stuffed with polyurethane foam and feather.

J3, by Christophe Pillet design, is a new seating obtained from a unique rigid polyurethane shape which is shiny painted in the colours of red, black, white and metallic. The light but strong legs are in chrome-plated metal. J3 is perfect for any sort of house or workplace and it combines design and ergonomics.

The pureness of the shape goes well with the refinement of materials in the new sideboard Glitter, designed by Carlo Colombo, where the mix of ebony and glass create a strong chromatic and material contrast. The structure is made of glass painted in anthracite colour, the doors are in ebony, and the plinth is painted in anthracite colour. Inside there are drawers and shelves made of glass. Pressure seal.

A new system of modular seatings composed of two and three seats sofa, armchair and pouf. Design and comfort find in Darwin the perfect balance point. The metal structure is covered in moulded polyurethane foam with fibre cover. The seat, realized in high capacity polyurethane, is very deep and becomes ergonomic and comfortable thanks to the big cushions in feather placed to the backrest. Arm and backrest of the sofa, reminding the wings, evoke a sensation of lightness and freedom.

A sober and elegant design for the rectangular table Shape with a single ebony board top and legs with a rectangular section that express steadiness and safety without weighing on the global image.

The armchair Cocca always by Carlo Colombo design, is the synthesis between hard/soft: on one hand the strong frame in plastic made out of one mould, then polished in the colours white, red and black, synonym of modernity and strength, designed to defy time. On the other hand, the sensation of comfort, welcome and relax of the soft cushion in polyurethane and feather. It can be situated in any domestic environment or not: from the living to the bedroom, from the office to the hall. Ironic, eclectic, of strong personality, it breaks the classic rule of the combination, but at the same time it is able to merge with each style bringing a touch of class and personality.

We signaled also some historical products and design masterpieces by Arflex:
Fiorenza – designed by Franco Albini –, Toys – by Marco Piva– and Mac T – designed by Marcello Cuneo.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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