Bonaldo, in Villanova (Padova), has been active for more than fifty years at the national and international level thanks to products that meet the many shades relating to conteporary dwelling style: chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories.
Having achieved complete know-how in the industrialization of metalworking, our present-day designs and production also make use of other types of manufacturing and materials, such as aluminium die-casting, cold moulded flexible polyurethane and polypropylene.
Different materials co-exist in perfect armony, with the total reliability of the most technologically advanced manufacturing methods and the skill of specialized technicians.

The latest models of Karim Rashid's collection are the most important novelties for Bonaldo in this Salone del Mobile.
The American designer has, in fact, expanded his collection, presented for the first time during the last Salone del Mobile, enriching it with the comfortable easy chair Skip Loungethe stool Skipping- both evolutions of the Skip chair - and the table Dragon that can be combined with the successful chaise-longue Dragonfly.

The easy chair Skip Lounge shares the same limited size and light weight of the rest of the Skip seat family. Thanks to an ample variety of coverings it can be positioned in different home or public environments. The frame is in chrome-plated or varnished steel, the seat and back covered with leather or fabric.
The stool Skipping, marked by an harmonic and relaxing "S" shape, is made in chrome-plated steel. The seat and back are upholstered with expanded polyurethane and covered with leather or skai.
Dragon is the ideal companion of the chaise-longue Dragonfly, with the same pure and sinuous lines. The table has rounded corners and can be used individually or in compositions to create new and fun shapes. The frame of the base is in chrome-plated steel while the wood top is lacquered in in pink, white or silver.

The novelties by Mario Mazzer are the chair Raja and the coat stand Tree. Raja features a slim structure in chrome-plated steel and legs simple and geometric that gives it a lightweight and elegant appearance. The upholstered seat is comfortable and ergonomic thanks to a small curving of the lower part of the back devised to support the lumbar region.
Tree is created using a procedure called "rotational molding", thanks to which the properties of plastic materials are optimized obtaining very homogeneous and constant thicknesses. Smooth and slender, its branches holding coats and objects covering it like thick foliage.

Berlin, designed by Stefan Heiliger, is an easy chair with a very original shape. When the back is folded over, it forms a 90░ angle that provides a comfortable backrest that invites relaxation and conversation; once extended, the seat transforms into a chaise-longue on which one can rest or read a good book.

The peculiarly rounded shape of the back and the slightly inclined legs are what sets apart the chairs Victor and Victora, by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci . The frame of Victor is in chrome-plated steel and the covers can be in fabric or leather, while Victoria is completely covered in leather.

Balou, the newborn of the collection of chairs by James Br÷nte for Bonaldo, with clean and slender lines, is completely covered in leather. Its back is slightly inclined to guarantee comfort and relaxation.

The colorful poufs Cube by Kaori Shiina, with a particular "bean" shape, can be transformed into a small practical table by placing a metal tray on top of it.

The double bed Pad, by Giuseppe Vigan˛ , is completely covered in fabric or leather, and its slim headboard can become more enveloping and comfortable by adding additional cushions. But the additional cushions are not the only accessories of this bed: Pad has a table, available with different oak finishes, that is mounted on large wheels and can be moved in several directions thanks to a track hidden in the lateral frame of the bed.
Surfer, also by Giuseppe Vigan˛, is a large oval or round table. The imposing base in chrome-plated or varnished steel in the shape of a cross contrasts with the lightness of the top in serigraphed crystal in white, black or Parapan« (a particular technical material with a polished, mirror-like finish).

We remember also the refined and elegant Ta˛ extensible table and Lei chair by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci designers, tables Twice and Kudo by Mauro Lipparini and the innovative Flap table – winner of Good Design Award 2005 of the Chicago Athenaeum –, by Karim Rashid.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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