B.R.F., a company with a strong identity, has always tried to bring together emotion and functionality to create an original living landscape in continual evolution.
B.R.F has been the first company to make use of colour in many varied tonalities from bright and strong shades to very light, always as a constructive element.

B.R.F. aim is to have its products follow the animistic process of an object, a process that spontaneously arouses emotions in us and which enables us to establish whether we like a product or not.
The company does not want to answer a primary need, but we believe that life can be redesigned, starting with the products that surround us every day, to make it a little more enjoyable and cheerful. B.R.F. believes that colour isn't the style of a movement but it is among the fundamental dimensions of our life, therefore fundamental to our project. Objects speak the language of form and function through their chromatic surfaces.
This resulted in B.R.F.'s concept colour is life. They are looking into the future with confidence. They are willing to interpret with understanding the language of contemporary life, observing the values, lifestyles and patterns of behaviour that cause any changes: the needs, dissatisfactions and ambitions of people that make it possible to outline a reasonable scene of our lifestyle.

At the International Furniture Fair Milan 2006 B.R.F. presents this products:

Fleurs, designed by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube, is a cupboard based on the logic of a highly versatile and reduced range of components to create multiple compositions. Fleurs doesn't aspire only to the physical need to contain, but also to interpret the home as a place in which to experiment an esthetic style. Fleurs, with its decorated doors, evolves with those who live in them, and is a mirror of an individual style.
Decoration has always been a chosen theme for Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube. Finding inspiration in nature, these stylised flowers combine with the essence of the container to create a perfect harmony.

Curva sof collection - armchair and 2-or 3-seat sofa -, internal structure in wood, metal feets, polyurethane upholstery. Removable cover in fabric or in leather. Design by Jacob Pringiers.

The Ercolina chaise-longue, designed by Paolo Grasselli, is now additionally presented in an outdoor version in polyethylene. Ercolina is created with the idea of an object, which changes its function in a moment.
In its vertical position the Ercolina has a sinuous sculpture-like form. When placed horizontally its function as a chaise-longue is revealed. Although Ercolina appears to be more of an aesthetic showpiece, its purpose is authenticated by its ergonomic qualities when in use.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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