B&B Italia of Novedrate (Como), established in 1966, has been a leading company in the field of design furniture. The company's ability to reflect contemporary culture, has resulted in a collection of world-famous furnishings. The company stands out in the panorama of the furniture market for the way in which it has been able to develop an industrial system that involves all the links in the production chain: research, manufacturing, marketing.

B&B Italia is presenting several outstanding new products, as usual at its Store in Via Durini, on the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair 2006.

Confirming the vitality and creativity of the company, this year's brand new proposals are enriched by an important anniversary: B&B Italia's fortieth year in business, today boasting a unique evolution within the world of Italian design, marked by sizeable results and a great success.

Along with some furnishings premiered in Paris last January, the lower floor of the Store displays B&B Italia's new products, fitted into environments almost reconstructing a real home, including kitchen and bathroom, as well as through more abstract presentations favouring a better perception of the formal features of each product.

Arne sofas and storage units, design Antonio Citterio. A new smaller-size sofa version conceived for small homes is added to the Arne collection. The new Arne retains the curved shape of the series conceived to place it at the centre of the room, ideal for vis-a-vis conversations or just to sit for a complete relax. The seat comes in three different dimensions and versions: with one or two armrests, or without. Arne also proposes a series of cabinets that widens the range of complements presented last year, using the same manufacturing technique as for curved plywood.

The Shelf bookcase, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, is introducing new sizes for a wider and more articulated use. Unlike Shelf 2005, limited to 300 pieces, the four new models in white acrylic resin Natural Acrylic Stone LG will be produced in an unlimited series.

The extension of the Tufty-Time project, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is a more evident emphasis of the Chesterfield and capitonné style, a special revival of the Sixties and the Seventies which is a period of great inspiration for the designer. The upholstery, now proposed in leather, is marked by a squared subdivision joined through pleats of perforated leather to ensure the seat breathing. The new version reconfirms the system's flexibility, not only regarding its possible configurations, but also its look.

Hanging and overlapping C shaped elements of different lengths, with the possibility of being staggered between each other, form Shift storage-bookcases that can be freely and creatively assembled on the wall. In addition, the project's innovation, always designed by Patricia Urquiola, is further enhanced by the different depths of the planes along which inclined panels slide, outlining a lively front animated by the interplay of mass and void. The sliding track can be in aluminium or varnished, to create monochromatic or contrasting effects.

The Table: tables, consoles, low tables in different sizes, all with a simple and rigorous design by Monica Armani. All match the metal of the white, mat black or glossy chrome plated structure with a wide range of materials for the tops: extra-light crystal, also in the white varnished version, and white marble. Thanks to their basic look, the rigorous care for details and the different finishes proposed, these pieces are extremely flexible in relation to their use and fit for many different environments.

The research for different compositions, started last years with the console, has brought about a new series of matching cabinets Athos, always by Paolo Piva design. Generously deep units, standing on the ground or hanging just above it, with sliding flush doors or drawers, provide a base for the console; placed closer or more distant from each other, they enable many size solutions. Alternatively, basic units can be combined with a storage unit, marked by the typical frames of all the Athos elements. These basic units can also be used separately, as single units or combined in pairs, or can be conceived as a sideboard, in the narrower version with sliding doors.

Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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