Campeggi, in Anzano del Parco (Como), is a company that produces convertible objects of furnishing. Particularly specialized in beds and seats realizes, both for design and concept, a range of products of extremely innovative conception.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Campeggi presents the following products.

Bulletto by Denis Santachiara is a monolitic stool, bulb shaped with a single central leg; it is weight-balanced to ensure stability thet visually escapes. Seat is provided with a cushion-cap from which you can take out a bag with an inflatable bed and an inflator. Materials ensure elastic softness for the seat and strong steel for the base; a real clash between soft and solid structure.

Play Body is a pillow that can stay on every seat. Play Body can knead you everywhere, back, neck, legs, feet and so on. An object with a design that wants to be performing even when it lays alone on the sofa.

Castelletto by Lorenzo Damiani, is a sofa that if the need arises, turns into a comfortable bunk bed. Key elements of this item are its steel structure, its removable cover, and number of people that can use Castelletto all day long. It can be used in both the living room and the bedroom. A range of accessories has also been provided: a headrest and a side table.

Tumb Tumb is a "sound table" which shouts its wish to be the star of the house. Available in two different sizes, Tumb Tumb conceived to fit in any area of the house, its presence will be surely sensed and enjoyed.

Conetto, by Giovanni Levanti, is a rocking-horse that it is as soft as a cushion to relax on while playing. Children will love it, and it can also be used even as a footstool by adults.

The production realized by Campeggi also includes the innovative bed Sneaker, a tool to keep fit in spare time, a soft apparatus that creates space for a domestic gym where bouncing on a trampoline. A padded item which brings into your house the sensory quality of sportswear and introduces a fresh but strict formal image.

Ercolino, by design of Giulio Manzoni, is a soft wall that slowly plans to the floor unveiling its secret: a comfortable bed. Without screws, it can be moved anywhere thanks to the wheel that balances gravity with a simple internal kinematic mechanism.

Sister, a sluffed chair with arms by Vico Magistretti, composed by two soft parts combined together by the tubular base.

We remember also Airpouf by Lorenzo Damiani; an hoover comfortable as sitting place but also as home appliance. It appears like a sphere with three holes: the first one for the draft tube, the second one for the start button and the last one for the air-escaping. Furniture item, hoover and hocus-pocus, Airpouf identifies in this way the concept of multi-functionality.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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