Dema's production was based on clearly defined basic principles: technical and aesthetic quality in design, functionality and environmental compatibility. Dema's history begins in the heartland of Tuscany. In time, this vocation has made for a unique collection in taste, technology and creativity, unrivalled on the international market for quality design sofas and armchairs.

Dema relies on the co-operation of well-known designers. Its main focus is on the production of armchairs and sofas for indoor environments. In recent years the company has widened its scope to include in its range of product, high-tech 'contract' projects featuring state-of-the-art environmental compatibility.

This new brand, Quota, positions Dema among leaders of a new international trend: the reassessment of archetypal forms in furniture design, for the creation of living spaces of great sophistication, originality and care of details.
Thanks to the learned and attentive research of designer Marco Agnoli a, references to shapes, materials and atmospheres of the most sophisticated and cultured classical world have inspired a collection of upholstered 'fusion' pieces, in which memories are projected on to contemporary and demanding environments, instilling spaces with a strong personality and originality. The care for materials, such as pure aniline antiqued leather or nabuk, along with sophisticated fabrics of contemporary taste, coordinated in the most innovative and evocative nuances, ideally complement shapes to meet the demands of all lovers of beauty and of the pleasures of life.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Dema presents the following products.

The Gold program: a series of upholstered elements designed by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni, Leather is handled with artisan-like skill in order to bring emphasize its natural pliability. At the same time, and thanks to the technology of structures, Gold achieves a surprising balance between shape and function, precision and tradition. The Gold program includes arm-chairs, sofas, modular elements and beds.

Elegant proportions, essential shapes and the innovation of flexibility: all of this makes the Palio project, by Pininfarina Extra. Highly dynamic in its asymmetrical aesthetics and in its ability to mutate according to user's requirements. The range of Palio sofas is covered in natural fabrics, woven and finished with Italian-quality talent and technology, in basic colours creating innovation in trends and combinations.

The Savoya collection, by Marco Agnoli, consists of sofas and arm-chairs in tall and low versions, a small armchair with pouf and walnut coffea-tables. Colours, in their different hues, are based on the nuances of gold, burgundy and moss. The basic concept is that of wedding a contemporary product, featuring essential and simple lines, with shapes and forms reminiscent of old fashioned sofas. Hence the return of bergères, tall, enveloping, comfortable, and combined with sofas providing unrivalled comfort. At the opposite extreme, sofas and armchairs in the low version, deep, linear, taking up as little space as possible, perfectly complementing the tall version armchair and bergère. The range of upholstery is supplemented by a small armchair, a sinuous cocoon ideally suited for both night and day-time environments.

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