Fasem is a high-end company that produces only products in full-grain leather. A quality company that expresses to the full its vocation for leather in products tailored to international taste.
Fasem's products unite the handcrafter's love for his creation, meticulous attention to detail, and a typically Tuscan flair for design. Tuscany is a region with a global reputation for its beauty, a region where leathercrafting is an ancient art, its products for centuries the target of buyers from all around the world.

Fasem's 30 years of activity coincide with the return of the Tuscan brand name to a more precisely defined product area and market positioning, both more closely linked to the company's historical vocation.

Roberto Lazzeroni, Fasem's new Art Director, collaborated in creation of a strong "product identity" and also a strong "project identity": a clear, well-defined project that sends the market an unambiguous, forceful message.

Roberto Lazzeroni's project for Fasem calls for positioning the company on the top-end market for home furnishings and high-level contract solutions.
And therefore: 100% leather for all Fasem products, even for covering the metal of the seat supports and the table legs. If the metal is exposed, chrome-plating bows before painted finishes in harmony with the leather, in a play of tone-on-tone similar to what we see in the most exclusive models of automobiles.
The "Casa e Contract" project develops in original lines without reference to the models of the past, capable of expressing a strong identity in brand, project, and product alike.

Fasem is presenting its new stand: bold, elegant, and in line with today's trends.
Against the play of black and white on the walls and floor, the colors of the products are shown off to their very best. Extensive glass surfaces with stand access delimit the perimeter and ensure high visibility of the interior. The wall decoration is neo-Baroque with inscriptions that define and separate the Contract area and the Home space.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Fasem presents only new products, and all are designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.

First Collection – Zoe chair, Zoe stool, Colette chair, Shell and Big Shell armchairs, Mammut and Mammut mini tables, Ghost and Bistṛ tables, Box low e high –, is a family set apart by an eclectic sign conceived for an important company with sophisticated leather and metal-working know-how, a collection of eleven objects turning on elegant details and built with precious materials. Designed for the home and for contracting. Fruit of a far-looking total project that aims at repositioning the company in the elite range of the international market.

Presented at Cologne 2006, the new edition of the Isolina chair by Archirivolto is made topical by designer restyling.

Charme, the new name of the chair, ideally represents a point of encounter between Fasem's historically successful projects and the new cycle initiated by Roberto Lazzeroni. It is an innovative and up-to-date seating element with a vintage flavor and an aluminum frame. Available in the full-black and full-white versions with quilt-upholstered leather seat.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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