Lago, in Villa del Conte (Padua), is a project that never forgets the importance of man and makes its ideas accessible. A business that concerns three orders of factors: People + Design + Accessibility. These, in short, are the values that are the inspiration behind one of the companies of North-east Italy that are most oriented towards design culture understood as an instrument capable of giving concrete responses to ordinary people's problems with home living. Lago are oriented towards making thought and the innovation that results from it the driving force behind their business philosophy. This way of understanding the company, primarily aiming more to produce thought than objects, takes shape in a series of operations that involve all the spheres of research in which Lago is active: from the product to communication, from the project for the stand to that for the new catalogue, from the material for the point-of-purchase to the creation of the Lagostudio research laboratory.

A general project that involves the company across-the-board and that on the occasion of the Milan Furniture Show 2006 finds its application in a series of interesting initiatives.

Lago display the best of their production and present two new products, the Air bookcase and table designed by Daniele Lago. At the entrance to the stand, a five-metre-long Air bookcase welcomes visitors and suggests with immediacy that idea of lightness created by the glass uprights, which makes this imposing object appear to be almost floating in the air. The Air bookcase and table therefore place the emphasis on the extreme lightness of the supporting structures, made of transparent glass, and, in contrast, on the full physicality of the top and the shelves, made of natural and lacquered wood. The result is the magical sensation that the shelves of the bookcase and the table top are floating in the air. The table consists of two perpendicular plates, resting on which is the wood top. Positioned at the centre of the room or set against the wall, the bookcase is free-standing and does not require anchoring to the wall.

Elle is a new table that plays on the "L"-shaped leg, the characterising element that gives it a geometric, dry, linear formal value. But one that is never over earnest. Never academic. Elle in fact speaks a design language combining the rigour of form with the vivacity and exuberance of colour, as in the virtual game Tetris. Four legs positioned asymmetrically chase after each other, connecting at the corners, and form the structural frame. Each leg can be painted in various colours, giving rise to endless colour combinations that modify the final aesthetic result. The colour applied to this project, together with the originality of the "L"-shaped leg, make the Elletable flexible and personalisable.

Fluttua is a bed that does not have four legs, but just one central one. The light under the slat enhances the bed suspension. The round bed gives more comfort and at the same time requires less space, adapting to even the smallest of rooms.

36e8 has come about from the idea of enhancing space, framing it like a photo, to remember that even a void is a material. A new way of conceiving the wall to be equipped, the room to be furnished. A module 36.8cm by 36.8cm is the point of departure with which six containers are obtained, to be positioned horizontally and vertically. The addition of very thick sides and shelves, enables you to transform the furniture item during assembly, giving you the possibility of creating countless containing opportunities.

Amplia, by Enzo Berti, is a three-element system: sideboard, bench and boiserie panels that can be separately fitted or combined together to create a unique dynamic forniture solution.

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