Rexite was founded in 1968 by Rino Boschet and Rino Pirovano at Cusago, not far from Milan. From the outset its aim was to produce contemporary furniture and accessories for the home and office. The company secured the services of a small group of highly talented designers and developed a "classic" contemporary collection, that is now known and appreciated throughout the world. The company employs high technology materials, gives prominence to new ideas, and puts the emphasis unfailingly on quality. Rexite's reward has been 66 international awards and prizes including the coveted European Design Prize (Paris 1997).
Rino Pirovano, summarizes the company's philosophy thus: "To create objects that are simple but not banal, original but not bizarre". While a sense of irony often guides choice, essential criteria are careful attention to materials and rigorous concern for ergonomics. The company has made the world of colour its own the traditionally subdued office has succumbed to Rexite's polychrome riot.

Original and contemporary, the captivating Rexite novelties shown at the Salone del Mobile and at the EIMU 2006 focus, as ever, on quality and technology. They are characterised by their multi-functionality and versatility, the prerequisites for creating intriguing and innovative spaces full of feeling and energy.

Linear and elegant, Boox is the brand new modular shelving system designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari. The "X" joint distributes the weight of the supporting frame, which is made of extruded aluminium profiles. The shelves are made of etched or transparent glass, the panels and doors are made of metacrylate, available in various colours. Whether completely open or completely closed, Boox is the perfect answer to any functional and composition requirement. Whether used as a holding unit, a bookcase or a display cabinet, Boox can be endlessly extended in width; as far as height is concerned, up to five modules can be added.

Thanks to its soft, sensual lines Alexa, the new chair designed by Raul Barbieri, is particularly comfortable. The frame is made of die-cast aluminium, either polished or varnished in the same colour as the seat and the backrest, which are made of engineering polymer available in different colours: white, light grey, grey, black, sand and burgundy. Alexa is very light and stackable and is therefore also ideal for communal spaces. Thanks to the elegance and purity of its line, this chair is an ideal match of the Convito tables.

This version of the Convito designed by Raul Barbieri, is a new addition to the series of elegant tables with tempered glass top, either etched or transparent, and frame in AISI 304 brushed stainless steel. This big rectangular table – with sides measuring 225 x 140 cm – can seat up to ten people. Similarly to the other tables of this series, this unique new Convito has been carefully finished and its frame can be entirely disassembled.

The Nox Vesta collection also has two new versions: the wall-mounted coat-hanger with hat rack and the rail coat-hanger with hat rack and lower bag rack, both available in two lengths, either 120 or 160 cm, entirely made of brushed stainless steel. Design by Raul Barbieri.

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