A protagonist in the furnishing and made in Italy industry, right from the very beginning in 1954, Zanotta is still recognized as a leading company in Italian design. Zanotta products mark and anticipate the rends for living concerning the formal and technological innovation they bring. The current collection is developed along various product types: armchairs, sofas, beds, furniture, container units, bookcases, tables, chairs and accessories. Zanotta's head office is in that part of Lombardy that has always beem famous for the traditional handcrafts shops that have contributed to the birth of a flourishing furniture industry.
In the 80s Zanotta inaugurated the production of "expressive" furniture in small series or limited editions, in parallel with its mass production. These precious pieces of furniture and accessories are closer to visual arts than to design in a strict sense. Famous architects and artists freely design them without limits. Applied art objects are produced with traditional processes that are dying out and are foreign to or very far from mass production. Marquetry and manually performed lacquering, bronze fusions in moulds, sponge or gold leaf decorations and silk-screen paintings are an example of this.

Zanotta participates in the 45th International Furniture Fair with a good selection of proposals designed to perfectly convey contemporary lifestyles and win the appreciation of the most sensitive and cultured public. Highly esteemed designers and new creative artists in the limelight in the furnishing world have contributed with their new products to define Zanotta's horizon for the near future. 9 novelties for the 2006/2007 collection:

After the great success of Alfa sofa, the Kilt by Emaf Progetti with its extra-large and extra-slim proportions is born. It fits any environment, ranging from the most traditional homes thanks to its unmistakable quilting that gives a retro look, to the most modern ones thanks to its squared and sharp proportions, and to the hotel lounges for its rich and strong aspect, thus discreet.

Milleunanotte bed is the reinterpretation of the canopied bed in a modern key. Unanotte bed is a basic bed, elegant in proportions, easy but rich in finishes and materials.

Lama chaise longue, by Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba, looks for new comforts and postures through shapes surrounding the body, that are nearly beyond the bounds of organic. A small shelter where one can read a book, listen to music, big enough to be shared. The finishes chosen for the cover also contribute to the touch feeling of a big hug.

The Colors armchair by Ilkka Suppanen is a modern reinterpretation of the classic American easy chair La-Z-Boy. It is beautiful, elegant and yet very comfortable version of an easy chair. The cushion parts refer to the classic easy chair. It is perfectly dimensioned for taking it easy. The idea of a three-cushions structure led to a combination of three colours.

Yuki armchair by Christophe Pillet has swivel base in graphite varnished steel with the seat's unitized body in stiff polyurethane; upholstered cushions covered with either fabric or leather.

Time by Prospero Rasulo is a coffee table. The top is also produced in white Carrara marble and Marquinia black.

Alexander Taylor designed Butterfly, a coffee table. The butterfly leg profile is formed, cut and then simply mirrors itself in repetition to create the structure for the glass surface in various sizes, depending on number of legs used.

Lialta by Roberto Barbieri is a chair. Aluminium alloy frame upholstered and covered with fabric, leather or hide.

Six new-entries for Zanotta Edizioni, which is a special limited edition series signed by the designer. This year it is given new drive with the addition of items marked by a strong decorative impact:

The project by Louise Campbell: Veryround seat. The design is based on the pleasure that can be found in repetition. A single circle is not particularly interesting, but 240 circles, organised until they form an entire chair, are interesting. Nothing interrupts the pattern formed by the shadows. No legs, no joints, none of the details that are normally associated with a chair. It's basically just a large open bowl in which one is welcome to sit and rock gently sideways.

The Raw table by Garth Roberts is designed to show its maturity gradually, creating an informal and personal relationship between the user and the object as time goes on. Its contrast of aged wood, decorative edge detail and varnished legs emphasizes the inherent beauty in both the natural and processed materials.

Fiore partition wall, by Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto and Simona Marzoli, consisting of two laser-cut iron plates, with floral decoration. It only separates physically, the strong contrast between fullness and emptiness in the decoration creates a transparency that makes it as light as a paper sheet.

"I designed Doris table – says Dominique Mathieu – thinking of my favorite café, the caffé de la Pace in Roma, where I appreciate this inimitable and typically italian charm and a British touch propitious to peaceful halt".

Zeus and Teti by Prospero Rasulo coffee table. Item signed by the designer. Fine porcelainized grés frame, anti-freeze treated for outdoor use and double-glazed by hand with controlled thickness.

Two classical pieces in Zanotta's catalogue are proposed in a revisited version with the new graphite colour finish: Ulm by Enzo Mari – bookcase with adjustable shelves – and Sanmarco by Gae Aulenti – table. This historical "evergreen" is still the collection's best sold table.

5 New fabrics for Zanotta's upholstered items, and another novelty is also the Advanced Teflon® Treatment - created by Invista, licensee of the DuPont brand. The benefits of double protection Advanced Teflon® enable cover fabrics to guarantee high resistance to stains and very easy washing with just a single technological process.

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