Matteograssi has over a century of experience in the crafting of leather and coach hide, with all the love and care of the true craftsman. The company was founded in 1880 and originally manufactured saddles reins and bridles; the origins of the company are in fact a further demonstration of the authentic craft spirit on which it is based, a true culture of fine workmanship undertaken with painstaking care.
Today Matteograssi has earned its reputation as one of the leading design companies in the field of modern furnishings. Its production is very versatile, with particular importance being given to finding ergonomic solutions that are both functional and innovative.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2007 Matteograssi presents this followings products:

Aretè, design Franco Poli
System of steel and coach hide armchairs and it is proposed in two sizes, a Large one fit for waiting rooms and sitting areas, and a Standard one meant to be placed behind a desk or a table. It has to be pointed out that the technical-aesthetic concept applied to the coach hide of the Aretè project is patented and offers the opportunity of turning the two-dimensional feature of the leather surface into three-dimensional shapes without the need of any seams.

T.Net, design Franco Poli
The technical and visual texture of coach hide is no longer enclosed by a frame. Instead, it opens on two sides, enabling the surface to extend vertically and cover much wider areas than its original surface area. The result is a two-dimensional development aimed at obtaining veritable walls of a significant size, fastened to the room's walls and ceiling, and tensioned on the sides with tie rods and cables. The visual effect is that of large wings that interact with the environment they are placed in through an ambivalent symbiosis of opposites, masses and voids, separation and relation, screen and filter, strong conditioning and unobtrusive lightness. The technology employed includes the high-frequency cutting of the coach hide. The finishing is achieved by means of classic handcrafting methods that are typical of Matteograssi's long manufacturing tradition.

Wave, design Gordon Guillaumier
This is a collection of cabinets that elaborates an aesthetic concept of stripes and waves in coach hide covering MDF boxes. The shape of these waves, serving as handles, gives softness and sinuousness to the surface of each cabinet. The quality of Matteograssi craftsmanship underlines the features of these objects highlighting the thickness of coach hide and the precision of the border given by each single cut.

Britt sofa, design T. Wise
Modular sofa composed of end element and bench padded and covered with soft leather; these units are also free standing. Into the collection are also elliptical low tables with wooden top and steel feet.

Theodor, design T. Wise
Modular sofa and corner element upholstered and covered with soft leather; these units are also free standing.

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