Born in the beginning of 90's, Parri enter upon a way qualified by the innovation on materials, shapes and solutions for design seating and furniture, thanks to the experience gained during a century by the founding family, beginning from the artisan and arriving to the industrial many years ago through uninterrupted development.

The sector they initially advance toward is the one of contract and public areas, with items designed by Marco Maran, Art Director of the company.
Chairs, tables and sofas, flexible on colours and finishes, influence the evolution of public space purely functional.

A unique longevity in the world of design, where everything quickly changes: 10 years of successes that Parri celebrates nowadays at Milan International Furniture Fair 2007.

Chiacchiera, the item that marked the company and its history, designed by Marco Maran, seams a timeless chair that is now renewed in materials after ten years from its creation. It still amazes and fascinates. It has now been realised in ASA+PC V0, glossy plastic material resistant to UV rays, ageing, temperature, yellowing and also with self extinguishing fire retardancy. Available also in polycarbonate (PC).
ASA+PC is an engineering resin with a glossy surface and a very good strength and stability. This material is resistant to yellowing in age, temperature, shock, and is thus suitable also for external use. This version of Chiacchiera is also approved with Class 1 fire retardancy as it is self-extinguishing, category V0 (Vertical Burning 0). These exceptional features make this resin more and more required to produce high level quality items. A product using this remarkable engineering resin gives the advantage of being highly suitable for every kind of environment, internal or external, meeting all stringent regulations and restrictions.

Parri presents Mamy: a collection that is the result of design, colour and different materials. Many versions - in a simple and minimal form designed by Marco Maran -, that offer different functions: Mamy armchair for relaxation for domestic as well as for waiting areas and reception areas and hotels, Double Mamy two places lounge sofa, Mamy barstool suitable for public area as well as for kitchen and the Mamy chair.
Mamy collection - with also Mamy swivel armchair, Mamy swivel chair, Little Mamy armchair and Little Mamy swivel armchair -, extends Parri's proposal for public and domestic areas.
An interior metal frame is covered with fire-retardant polyurethane foam in different densities. Upholstered in leather or Kvadrat fabric. Chrome frame.

Marco Maran designs for Parri a new version of Body to Body. He has developed this model using new technology and creative thinking, supported by Parri. Nowadays the company produces designs that lead the market, thanks to continuous investments in research and production, to a constant attention in quality materials and every detail.
This design of Body to Body - extremely difficult to produce - recalls the human form, its sculptural bone structure combining with the harmony of the form of the design. The desire to smooth decorator plans strictly technical brings to a product able to satisfy requirements of public as well as residential areas: shapes with a strong feature, special materials, and a large range of colour shades, create items where linearity, design and feeling blend together.
The year after of first Body to Body, Parri offers a transparent polycarbonate version on the occasion of Salone del Mobile, that makes winning the full collection - with also Body to Body chair on castors, Body to Body armchair, Body to Body armchair on castors and Body to Body barstool. Technical details: stacking chair, polycarbonate shell in six available colours. Chrome frame.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 and MIFF 2006  

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