Since the beginning, any design philosophy is carefully worked out and defined up to the small detail, until it becomes a tangible piece of design. So Sturm und Plastic overcomes the boundary of the pure design, going towards a new and extraordinary reality made by forms, art, inspiration and potential. Sturm und Plastic doesn't limit itself to have, as designers, true professionals of the design, but plays a significant role in researching and testing new materials, technologies, and features.

All the above, has allowed the company to span the imagination at 360, using and forming the most varied new generation plastic materials: from thousand crystal bubbles, to the polyurethane autopellante, finally landing at a new and astonishing three-dimensional reality, out of any scheme or rule, where the words classical, standard, ready-made are meaningless.

Evolved from the Geo line, the Geo Bricks, designed by Gigi Rigamonti, allow the creation of partition walls, wings and whatever your creativity can think of. A collection of rectangles and cubes with a different radius. The latest creation of the collection is called Geo Brick A, a 90 angle, created from the need of improving the seal capacity in order to guaranty a greater stability.

Perfect companion of relaxation Puf, design Gigi Rigamonti and Vered Zaykovsky, is a versatile footrest. If positioned upright becomes an amusing most colourful modular element.

Obo is the seductive armchair designed by Vered Zaykovsky. It is a tribute to the Sixties, rich of changes and revolutionary spirit. The relaxing effect of its light rocking movements, allowed by the semi-spherical structure which rests on an air chamber base, brings us back to the concept of "innovation", breaking the schemes of static and banal design. Ideal for contract projects as well as for home/office environments, it is produced in different colours. Its semi-spherical frame is made of polyurethane and can be set in different positions and inclinations, thus making the product extremely versatile, depending on its position in space.

The new table Taku by Miki Astori is proposed in an only rectangular version, planned singularly, but easy approachable to similar others, in order to answer to the several functions, for private and collectives spaces. The particularity of the table is the.

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