Over the years, by now more than ten, Domodinamica has developped its idea of creating and realising animated design objects for the house.
With its products, Domodinamica is currently venturing ever more inside the home, whilst never failing to combine the playful aspect with a stringent design and touch of magic to give them that quality of surprise.

About edition 2008 of Milan International Furniture Fair Domodinamica presents the following new products:

Pluff, design Massimo Iosa Ghini
It is a sofa to jump into, for an informal lifestyle. It's all soft and tender, you can be hug and rest the covering armrest. The upholstery is a mix by feathereffect soft polyuretane which gives a deep and really gratifying comfort.

IG1, design Massimo Iosa Ghini
Armchair with wood structure stuffed and shaped in polyurethane resins. It is covered with leathers like per sample collection enriched by a nice sewing along the entire line of the armchair. It's a calming seat, with compact and strict design, characterized by a leather cover with no abundance and folds. Cuts and seams shape perfectly back and armrest. Small dimension, wrapping design invite you to relax on it. The typical sobriety and elegance make it suitable for many different settings.

Mambo, design Massimo Iosa Ghini
Pureness and large dimensions are the basic peculiarity of Mambo seating system, composed by a 4 and 3 seats sofa, 2 seats sofa and puff. There are many different compositions and they create a relaxing corner pretty comfortable and suitable for assorted situation. The element, which characterizes every sofa is a transversal seam, connecting the armrest to the seat. The functional design and the pleasant shapes make it a sofa intended to give a delightful daily comfort.

Mail, design Massimo Iosa Ghini
Armchair, born for contract division, in the various declinations of finishing and materials it is suitable in many different contexts and situations. The balanced design, the precise workmanship and the essential and solid structure altogether make it a flawless "made in Italy" item. Available the seating system on steel bar.

Autum, design David Sanchez e Pcm
Charming bookshelves in sheet metal of steel, hand-treated and lacquered to give a rust effect. They can be joined together showing a sort of x-ray of a leafless tree.

Andrea, design Luca Scacchetti
Andrea is a small and cosy armchair that can be finished in leather fabric or ABS, with slightly twisted legs that suggest a disengaged and affected aspect. The perfect solution for people who demand quality without emphasis and exaggeration.

Pastille, design Giampiero Pistacchi
Small stool, with 3 feet structure made in steel, seat realized in polyurethane resins round shaped covered by leather.

Tablo, design Angelo Micheli
It's a tiny yet resistant and strong table, that requires carefulness because of its slightness. It's a combination of few elements, and the lackness of colours emphasizes its simplicity. This is a highly functional table, it's suitable for different kind of environment and easily joinable to any sort of product.

Il gendarme cipressino, design Angelo Micheli
Small tree with romantic influences and poetic references; cube base in tulipič raw wood, just like the foliage that eventually is turned and sandbathed.

We segnaled also other Domodinamica's products of past years:

Calla, design Stefano Giovannoni;

Hula hoop, design Stefano Giovannoni and Francesco Paretti;

Morfeo, design Stefano Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres;

Mist, Mist Table and Duna, design Rodrigo Torres;

Swing, Girino, Alibook, Sciusciā, Cicalino, Olimpiona and Maya Desnuda, design Denis Santachiara;

Blanca, design Angelo Micheli;

Hi puff and Hi-Light, design Matali Crasset;

Ilar-i and Cutty, design Luciano Pagani and Angelo Perversi;

Easy Sleep and Ellecollection, design Luca Scacchetti;

Popi pop and Pop Table, design Augusto Quattrino;

Open, design Massimo Iosa Ghini;

Ready, design Michele De Lucchi and Davide Angeli;

Bloom, design Giampiero Pistacchi;

Pindaro and Cube, design Studio e ricerca Modular.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 e MIFF 2006  

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