Since its origin back in 1989, Horm has concentrated on formal research applied to wood to create furnishings, making full use of the expert minds and hands of the partners with whom it has shared its passion. The passion for design and interior architecture.
A "sacred enclosure with the right of refuge" is the concept that HORM attaches to its name. It sums up the meaning of the word horm in ancient Aramaic and at the same time, explains the fundamental values of the company. Horm views the home as a precious and welcoming place which should be treated with respect; a reassuring place of safety and protection; a place to take refuge but also an alive and indomitable environment open to hospitality.

This concept has been shared over the years by the designers who have worked with Horm since its very beginning and which have preserved and cultivated the same affinity of ideas and sensitivity. World-famous designers and talented young up-and-comers alike have contributed to making Horm what it is today, a company that creates unique pieces of extraordinary aesthetic value as well as technologically-advanced products or standard furnishings that can fit in the budget of first-home buyers. A chorus of many voices, each beautiful on its own, but which come together to create a rhythm and harmony that galvanize in a homogenous, unified voice.
Through this ability, the projects by Toyo Ito and Steven Holl, Mario Bellini and Karim Rashid, Mario Botta and Alvaro Siza stand up beautifully against the always contemporary pieces by Patrizia Bertolini, Daniele Gaspardo, Grafite Design, and Luciano Marson or products by new designers such as Diego Venato and Salvatore Indriolo.

The works of Carlo Cumini, deserve a special mention of their own. He was Horm's very first designer and this year, Horm is introducing a revamped version of his unique Solaio bookshelf and several pieces entering production for the first time. He also designed the stand, conceived as a high-impact installation to display the evergreen products, whose first edition dates back to 1993, alongside complex projects and innovative ideas.

Solaio '93-'08 book-case system, design Carlo Cumini
"It was 1993 when Solaio was born, a product that to this very day is still a herald of the company style, inspired by a Gardella architecture. This year we present the third evolution of that system, with a different name, since we felt the need to underline the new aesthetic statement and, above all, to remind us and the world about the fact that this line still belongs to after 15 years. We were finally able to get rid of the rear elements, to optimize height, to rationalize the various cavities, and to easily expand width, to insert the writing desk and the ultra-slim TV, to have a bar shelf, boxes for secret objects, a tray that seems to float in mid air, to create the corner".
A graphic game that becomes a further response to contemporary trends that suggest light, versatile bookshelves, that are simple and straight-forward only at first sight.

Lux modular tables, design Carlo Cumini with Luciano Marson
It is conceptual luxury; it is luxury for a home that needs and extra-large table that can be endlessly multiplied by adding extra modules that, in turn, can also be integrated in other home environments, like the living room, the kitchen or the home office.

Ki chair, design Mario Bellini
Tradition and creativity merge in a timeless product. An eco-compatible product that uses sustainable wood and water paint. Contemporary and transversal, it is light, stackable, technological, comfortable and has everything a chair needs.

Quartodiluna sculture-mirror, design Steven Holl
Holl explores with this new domestic architecture the themes that he cherishes: light and laser engravings. This is a mirror but clearly also a lot more that truly challenged Horm and its technology partners in order to satisfy the architect's design specifications in terms of reflection, refraction and transparency. An intellectually sophisticated project that will surely engage the most demanding audience with its multiple personality: a mirror, a shelf, a sculpture and a decorative lamp, all in one.

Voltaceleste cupboard, design Salvatore Indriolo
"A light décor that faithfully reproduces a portion of sky. It includes, within the physical perimeter of the object, the depth of infinity. And infinite are also the feelings for the objects that will exist in space and time and that these doors, once open, will wake up. The cupboard has inside lighting and wooden doors featuring optical fibre décors of various diameters whose position is governed by the star map constellation".
Once again Horm bets on a promising young talent who share with the company the desire to leave a mark. It is a further step forward in materials research, in balance between the harmonious clashes between empty and full, hard and soft, light and shadows.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2006 and MIFF 2007  

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