Rexite was founded in 1968 by Rino Boschet and Rino Pirovano at Cusago, not far from Milan. From the outset its aim was to produce contemporary furniture and accessories for the home and office. The company secured the services of a small group of highly talented designers and developed a "classic" contemporary collection, that is now known and appreciated throughout the world.

At the 2008 Furniture Show in Milan, Rexite presents many new products:

Eveline stackable chair, design Raul Barbieri
A stackable chair, light, elegant and extraordinarily comfortable. Made from a single mold, in engineering polymers in transparent white, amber, green, blue, anthracite, or in solid white, red, grey, black colours. The geometric and level facing design generates volumes of fluid and continuous lines that are reflected on the glossy surface.

Pop coat stand, Raul Barbieri
An individual that ironically imposes its shiny and colorful presence, with a soft and continuous form. Coat stand with 4 posts + 4 hooks; it can be upgraded with an umbrella stand provided with hooks for hanging pocket umbrellas. Made in engineering polymers in transparent or solid colours.

Gru clothes hanger, design Raul Barbieri
The clothes hanger has developed as an ideal complement for the Pop coat stand. It is inspired, in fact, by the same form and functional concepts and evokes both the materials and the finishes.

Taboo waste basket with ecologic cup, design Raul Barbieri
This paper wastebasket is distinctive due to its handle, which takes shape as a natural continuation of its soft lines, at the same time esthetic as well as functional detail. The basket is coordinated with the ecologic cup which has a similar handle, allowing it to be freely positioned both inside and outside of the basket. It is made in engineering polymers in transparent and solid colours, or in polypropylene in translucent colours.

Boox corner shelf, design Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari
Boox is now completed by the new angle system. The 4 new junctions in die-cast aluminum allow it to exceed the straight line and create continuous walls of bookshelves, even when there are corners, or complete locations in open space environments along with reception counters that are closed on several sides.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 e MIFF 2006  

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