Alias, an Italian company, has its headquarters in Grumello del Monte in the province of Bergamo. Since 1979, it has been producing furniture and objects for the home which, through their unusual features, have played an important role in the development of Italian made furnishing culture and on the international high quality design.

Designers and company are united in creating objects that speak a simple, direct language, have essential shapes and are truly innovative in practice. Every designer co-operating with Alias has a different education, training and background, but if you take a look at the firm's production range as a whole, you cannot fail to notice its intrinsic coherence. It makes all Alias projects look up-to-date, able to cut through time, above and beyond fashion.

Designed for experiencing private terraces and gardens as well as public outdoor areas and parks with comfort and elegance, Alias ensembles for the Outdoors transfer new, transversal designs of chairs, tables, chaise longues, poufs and sun loungers outside. Technology and materials research give the outdoor collections handiness and resistance to atmospheric agents, without any need to give up personality, attention to detail and comfort.
In addition to the lightweight aluminium and the resistance of polyester mesh, for the Outdoor collection Alias has chosen the appeal of teak wood, the formal orderliness of sheet steel and the elegance of fabric coverings.

The functionality and formal orderliness of steel characterize Open system, the new system of chairs and tables for the Outdoors born from James Irvine's design.
A strong, resistant material defined with soft lines and curves which enrich the fine profile of the Open chair: practical, stackable, perfect for gardens or open-air public areas, they are proposed in light grey and British racing green finishes. The bevelled holes made on the surface of the chair vanish along the curve and then characterize the backrest again, where the steel sheet increases in surface and is reinforced. These holes give the seats structural strength, allow the rain to pass and design a characterizing texture for all of the Open ensemble.
The Open table, round, square and rectangular, opt for fine sheet steel for the large tops and underline the profile with a practical and decorative pierced edge.

With the set of Plein Air products by Alfredo Häberli, the Outdoor catalogue is enriched with comfort, functionality and elegance for the chair, armchair, pouf, sun lounger and table designs.
The upholstery, a distinctive characteristic of the Plein Air armchair, of the Plein Air chair with their pouf and of the Plein Air lounge, transfers the indoor concepts of refinement and value outdoors. Slender brown steel rods design a solid supporting frame for the seat and backrest, upholstered in fabric treated to resist atmospheric agents and available in the neutral colours of cream, beige, coffee and dark brown. Plein Air chairs furnish private terraces, outdoor areas and gardens where there is a desire for comfort and sophistication as well as functionality and resistance.
The Plein Air table, available in three different diameters and two different heights, are characterized by the design of the tubular steel frame, which supports a top made of a polymer material that gives the design practicality and lightness.

Teak, the collection designed by Alberto Meda, restores to the designs of the new chairs and tables the material and formal soul of the Setes bench, designed for public areas as well as for private gardens and made from die-cast aluminium and teak wood.
The Teak chair, in the Teak ensemble are practical, stackable and with a lightweight aluminium frame, and use wood for the surfaces that design the seat and backrest: the teak lists hollow out in the lumbar support area and the seat, thus adding elasticity, ergonomics and comfort.
The Teak table, rectangular and available in two sizes, are made up of structural components in aluminium and a top with characteristic teak lists. Resistant over time and pleasant to the touch, they are suitable for outdoor areas of gardens and add solidity and attention to detail to the Outdoor collections.

Alias presents also, from the Laleggera collection designed by Riccardo Blumer: Laleggera armchair, Laleggera chair with armrest and Laleggera dormeuse.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 and MIFF 2006  

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