Bonaldo has been active for more than fifty years at the national and international level thanks to products that meet the many shades relating to contemporary dwelling style: chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories.
Having achieved complete know-how in the industrialization of metalworking, our present-day designs and production also make use of other types of manufacturing and materials, such as aluminium die-casting, cold moulded flexible polyurethane and polypropylene. Different materials co-exist in perfect harmony, with the total reliability of the most technologically advanced manufacturing methods and the skill of specialized technicians.

2007 is a year that's particularly full of innovations for Bonaldo. Our interesting collaborations with designers from different backgrounds continue to generate a variety of products with different functional and aesthetic features, but which all combine perfectly as part of the Bonaldo collection.

Karim Rashid adds two new products to the collection that he has designed for Bonaldo over the last two years. One of these in particular, the Poly chair, is an important landmark in Bonaldo's production and history. Poly as in polycarbonate, the material from which the chair is entirely made, through a process of injection moulding with a particularly large and powerful press. Three different prototypes were created during the planning stage with the aim of obtaining the maximum level of comfort for the seat and a perfect degree of inclination for the chair back: together with virtual testing of the chair's mechanical resistance in order to satisfy resistance criteria for Catas certification. Poly has a young, original, geometric design. Both chair and back are made of different surfaces that intersect and yet the chair as a whole does not appear angular. It looks inviting and comfortable and this aesthetic impression is confirmed by the comfort of the seat.

A new project by the German designer Stefan Heiliger, which express a need for comfort with completely different lines that are more geometric and minimalist.
Stefan Heiliger and Bonaldo have a long relationship that has led to the production of many different elements, characterised above all by a search for comfort and for movement activated by simple, practical mechanisms. The product that Bonaldo will present this year is no exception: Line armchair. It has a simple, single-line design that renders it sober and versatile. Thanks to an extremely easy manual mechanism the armchair can be transformed into a chaise longue.

Other interesting new products have been designed by Gino Carollo, Giuseppe Vigaṇ, Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, Mario Mazzer:

The Bonaldo collection is enhanced by bookshelves designed by Gino Carollo and available in three geometric solutions by the name of Cubic, Orbit and Fun.
Cubic and Orbit have a square and round base respectively. Thanks to their original shape, as well as housing books and CDs, the two bookshelves are a fun decorative object that are suitable for even the smallest spaces. They can also be rotated, making it possible to use space to the full.
Fun, the bookshelf with the most traditional shape, has an element of originality in the apparently irregular organisation of its spaces, which alternate empty and full wall spaces to create a fun, dynamic effect.

Bonaldo offers a new family of tables, Fortuny, Harry and Vanity, with extremely eclectic possibilities for use - designed by Gino Carollo. They can be used in the living or bedroom area of the home as single elements or in a group. Their light presence gives a touch of personality in various environments: they can be elegant, delicate decorative elements in classic settings or can add a dash of irony to modern design - especially the gold version.

After the commercial and image success of Vision, Gino Carollo has designed the Panorama TV stand for Bonaldo in order to respond to the widespread need to place technology in suitable furnishings. Panorama contains plasma or lcd screens and offers a large shelf for dvd players. It has a wooden, rectangular structure and is available in two versions: one that expands horizontally and another, more contained version. The upper part of the structure houses containers for cd or dvd, while light sources can be added on request to the two vertical sides.

After the success of Planet and Planet Light, the illuminated version, Bonaldo offers Planet Gold, designed by Gino Carollo. It has an aluminium structure with a crystal glass table top, both of which are varnished in opaque gold. For 2007 there is also Big Planet, with or without a light.

Softness is the most evident characteristic in the Nuvola collection designed by Giuseppe Vigaṇ and made up of a two-seater sofa in three sizes, of side and corner elements, also in different measurements to create a multitude of combinations, and a pouf. Its filling has been specially studied to make it particularly comfortable and enveloping. This comfort is also visually enhanced by its folded covering available in fabric, which is completely removable, and in leather.

Offset is a group of tables designed by Giuseppe Vigaṇ entirely created in multi-layered laminate. It is available with a round or rectangular surface and the square version is available in two different sizes. Offset features a modern, geometric design. The top is perfectly symmetrical to the base, while the leg is an empty parallelepiped positioned to one side to characterise the table top.

Viento, by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, is a stacking chair with soft modern lines that is light and adapts easily to any domestic environment. It is also suitable for exteriors and contract furnishing. In order to produce an object that included all these features, Bonaldo created Viento entirely in fibreglass-filled polypropylene and opted for the most highly developed air moulding technology to obtain considerable thickness with an empty inner space that meant the chair could be light and resistant at the same time.

Plinto table, designed by Mario Mazzer, adds a new mechanism to the Bonaldo collection. The leaf is housed on one side under the table and is simply rotated 180° and then raised to the level of the table. The mechanism has the same structure as the table, formed from the base and a mobile arm that rotate the leaf. As well as its practical aspect, the chromium-plated metal structure plays an aesthetic role and is deliberately on display, without the need to hide a mechanism that is not only practical but also beautiful to the eye.

As well as these new products, Bonaldo offers a new image for articles that are already part of the collection, with finishes and coverings inspired by today's fashion trends:
By Karim Rashid - the Dragonfly chaise-longue and Dragon table, the Flap and Quadro tables, the Skoop and Skipping stools, the Skip chair and the Skip Lounge armchair -, the Twice extendable table by Mauro Lipparini and Tree coat stand designed by Mario Mazzer.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 and MIFF 2006  

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