B.R.F, a company with a strong identity, has always tried to bring together emotion and functionality to create an original living landscape in continual evolution.
B.R.F has been the first company to make use of colour in many varied tonalities from bright and strong shades to very light, always as a constructive element.

At the International Furniture Fair Milan 2007 B.R.F. presents:

The transformation and "surprise" component has always been a favourite theme of B.R.F and thus the origin of various projects. This year Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic interpret the topic with the new armchair Eklipse. It appears to be a simple, circular, closed ring, almost hiding its true function. Only when in use, while a person is seated, it reveals its real purpose, lowering the part of the seat in order to adopt its primary role. From an abstract sculptural form, Eklipse becomes an ergonomic armchair that guarantees comfort.

Baia, the modular seating system designed by Jacob Pringiers, whose seven separate yet combineable elements offer the possibility of infinite seating solutions, now introduces a new component. The new component can stand alone, or combine with the existing elements to create wider seating solutions. The inviting inlet of the back rest, from which this article takes its name, remains the defining characteristic of the sofa.

The Ercolina chaise-longue, designed by Paolo Grasselli, is now additionally presented in an outdoor version in polypropylene. Ercolina is created with the idea of an object, which changes its function in a moment: In its vertical position it has a sinuous sculpture-like form. When placed horizontally its function as a chaise-longue is revealed. Although Ercolina appears to be more of an aesthetic showpiece, its purpose is authenticated by its ergonomic qualities when in use.

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