Founded in the mid Sixties, Giovannetti hit immediately the international attention with innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the experimental climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing.

The love for the project, for the details and the research have distinguished the beginning and the entire story of Giovannetti, leaving the company out of momentary tendencies; creating an identity which places the company among those most originals in the industrial scene; almost an atelier that realizes hand made products, with the same enthusiasm, maintained day by day to satisfy a passionate and aware public.

At the International Furniture Fair Milan 2007 Giovannetti presents:

Aries, designed by Pietro Cavallo, was born from a scrupulous and patient formal research, that takes shape in a drawing aiming to synthesise harmony created by the opposites. Balance is researched by the combination of features and shapes with different peculiarities. Joining of creative principles such as Earth and Sky, Female and Male, is verifiable in the relation between the sofa seat; in its elliptical, harmonious, wrapping feature we find lightness and feminine grace; and the back, representing virility, dynamism and the force of the masculine principle.

Superstar, design Space Time, is a sofa with linear sequence changes and leaves space to a comfortable uncertainty, discovery of an experience that just the heart may see.

Love, designed by Sandro Santantonio, is an endless subject, which anybody from the mists of time tried to penetrate looking for its essence. Heart, like a hidden centre of deeper sensations, like a secret casket of truths and intimate feelings.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 AND MIFF 2006  

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