Lago, is a project that never forgets the importance of man and makes its ideas accessible.
A business that concerns three orders of factors: People + Design + Accessibility. These, in short, are the values that are the inspiration behind one of the companies of North-east Italy that are most oriented towards design culture understood as an instrument capable of giving concrete responses to ordinary people's problems with home living.

Lago are oriented towards making thought and the innovation that results from it the driving force behind their business philosophy. This way of understanding the company, primarily aiming more to produce thought than objects, takes shape in a series of operations that involve all the spheres of research in which Lago is active: from the product to communication, from the project for the stand to that for the new catalogue, from the material for the point-of-purchase to the creation of the Lagostudio research laboratory.

At the Milan International Furniture Show 2007 Lago means daring design as interpreted in the N.O.W. (Not Only White) wardrobe system; design by Daniele Lago.
This is an infinitely customizable wardrobe, one that disappears behind the walls and integrates perfectly with the interior architecture of the home. It is characterized by an innovative approach to color and a system that is so flexible and versatile that it matches the exact measurements of any desire. It is not a simple modular system, but a product that achieves a perfect fit between the visualized dream and the realized solution. The modular strips with multiple intermediate widths create the design of the wardrobe giving a new visual pattern as if in a musical sequence. This is an actual to-the-inch solution not only for the dimensions but also for the senses: in fact, each strip can be coloured differently. The innovative door opening system does away with the handles, blending N.O.W. (Not Only White) into the architecture of the walls and even creating fresh chromatic moods in tone with its surrounds.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 AND MIFF 2006  

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