Immediately after the war, in 1947, a group of technicians and entrepreneurs began to work on two new upholstering materials, foam rubber and elastic tape made by Pirelli. The following year they presented the technical specifications to Marco Zanuso who at once saw the huge potential of the new materials in interior furnishing.
New materials drove and guided product design, especially in the way of being structured, of the assembly of the parts, separated, manufactured and finished. It was a new way of interpreting the industrial approach to manufacture, not just on the factory floor, but also in the design studio, the shipping department and the marketing offices. In the pioneering Fifties, that was to happen again and again. And it goes on happening today. Some of the models here run against the current fashion for being different. They are designed actively to contribute to the domestic homescape.

On occasion of Milan International Furniture Fair 2008 Arflex shows:

Faubourg, design Carlo Colombo
Sofa is a tribute to arflex-history, where Carlo Colombo plays as usual on simplicity with irony and taste. An easy & chic piece, deep and with very soft cushions into which one can almost dive. The thin foamed structure reminds the fingers of a hand, softly supporting the soft seat and back cushions. The thin and airy matt lacquered or satin steel basement gives further lightness.

Ball, design Carlo Colombo
Extreme and refined design: a real sculpture for the house realized in polish lacquered rigid polyurethane and suitable for outdoor also in version without padding. The external plastic sphere is excavated, as if there was a body-print in it, made possible through the flexible polyurethane used for the internal part.

New Aura, design Carlo Colombo
Sober and elegant chair it has a refined design mitigating the density of the form. Solidity of the structure assures a stable and secure seat. Solid wooden structure. Seat and backrest in curved plywood. Finish wengť or matt lacquered in various colours.

Live, design Giuseppe ViganÚ
Narrow and light lines give a sophisticated and elegant look to the shelves, underlined by the fixing hiding method. This method patented by Arflex allows to fix the shelf to the wall without external screws or hooks in five minutes only. Live is available horizontal or vertical and bares till kg. 54.

Lemm, design Monica Graffeo
Metal lacquered structure and lacquered glass top, available white or black.

Delfa, design Archivio arflex
With this product Arflex goes on with its project of sourcing from the historical archive and re-propose the pas designs. This sofa has a metal structure covered by polyurethane foams, back- and armrests have mechanisms allowing modification of seat-comfort. Series composed by modular elements allowing the creation of endless compositions joint through zippers positioned on the sides. Fully removable covers except for leather version.

Mojo, design CKR
A mojo is a type of magic charm. The word originates from Africa, where it means "soul" or "life-force". Popular meanings include "charisma" and "charm". Small in dimensions, big in charisma. An armchair with a hidden rotating base. The seat space has the minimum dimensions necessary without sacrificing seating comfort. This, combined with a small footprint, makes the armchair ideal for hotel rooms, where you need an armchair but the floor space is limited. It also works great downstairs in the lobby in random groups, and certainly as well in your home or in the office.

Hal, design CKR
Hal is a fictional character in the famous science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Hal is an artificial intelligence, the sensitive on-board computer of the spaceship. Besides Hal, circular objects and movements are a recurring theme in the images of the film. A round three-legged table in three sizes. The relative width of the leg and the same rounding as the top unifies the leg with the rest of the table as one contained design unit.

Vortex, design CKR
A vortex is a spinning flow of fluid. The speed and rate of rotation of the fluid are greatest at the core, and decrease progressively with distance from the centre. A sculptural coffee table made in lacquered and polished plastic. The shiny, curved surfaces create an intricate play of reflections.

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