Campeggi, in Anzano del Parco (Como), is a company that produces convertible objects of furnishing. Particularly specialized in beds and seats realizes, both for design and concept, a range of products of extremely innovative conception.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2008 Campeggi presents the following products:

Campeggi and Denis Santachiara authors of designer inflatable projects starting from PisolÚ, the fortunate inflatable bed that is tidied away into a stool, present Good Vibration, a large enveloping snug armchair for indoors, made of air but enriched with the comfort of expanded foam upholstered with Lycra. A real armchair with the advantage of small packaging that allows you to take it nome directly from the shop (and transport it with no problems when you move house), inflating it when needed with the practical inflator included.
The transformist touch to which Denis Santachiara Denis Santachiara has pleasantly accustomed us to is not missing: in the heart of the seat is included a vibrating System which adds pleasure to pleasure, melting away the body's tension and preparing it for sleep. The vibrating massage is easily programmable with a remote contrai.
Good Vibration is one of those products with a thousand lives and a thousand aspects, with a low environmental impact thanks to its versatility and compactness which reduce environmental costs of transport, a cozy piace in which to peacefully end a hard day, a shelter in which to think, a restful piace.

Accustomed to thinking of a day bed as a more or less functional lever mechanisms device, with a prevalence of the metallic components and a consequent feeling of heaviness which weighs upon the structure, we will be surprised when faced with Giulio Manzoni's new project: OnAir is a breath of fresh air in the industry, and not only metaphorically, because it introduces air bed technology in the "high comfort" and elevated design day bed industry, in which Campeggi is already a specialist.
The OnAir sofa - characterised by the curved and continuous contour of the seat which contrasts with the linear back and the useful lateral System stands - contains in fact an air bed with a base and a mattress, incorporated in a single inflatable object (the electric pump is integrated in the bed). Nothing like the "temporary" inflatable ones we see on TV sales: here the bed is a real bed, and the feeling is like sleeping in the clouds, with real comfort guaranteed by quality materials (the upholstery is made of flocked PVC) and the shape specifically studied for physiological rest.
The combination day bed-mattress is realised with a particular perimeter thanks to which it is possible to prepare the bed perfectly stretching the sheets and the duvet (anchored with spots of Velcro) which, together with the pillows, are contained in the daybed when closed. The passage from sofŗ to bed is very quick; just a few minutes and no effort are required (the inflator is electric) for the bed to be ready for use, complete with bedside tables for the night.

When square meters are scarce, but also when one wants fittings to be arranged rationally, a good project helps dilate the space and manage it better: the area occupied by a bed can, in fact, can become a multifunctional space, to be employed also during the day, not only to sleep or to sit down.
Giulio Manzoni with OnOff has retraced the tracks of one of his very much copied formal innovations, the container bed, creating a bed which is also a sofŗ, with a very deep seat and with a back on three sides, for relaxation both when sitting and lying down; but it goes further than that, the bed actually lifts and positions on its side as if weightless, by means of an invisible kinematic mechanism which counterbalances gravity allowing an agile and completely effortless movement, in total security.
Underneath the base, which becomes visible when the bed is lifted, is a large mirror whose function is to hide the bed's components, but most of ali to open new perspectives, dilating the perception of space.

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