Since 2000, when it was founded by Massimo Martino, Maxdesign has been providing the landscape of home&contract furniture with new dynamic and creative energies. This highlighted its specificity within the market, whose appreciation of its nonconformist choices is evident.

The constant reinterpretation of contemporary issues offers continuous occasions of evolution and development to the company. Hence, Maxdesign opens to further adventures into new strategic and productive settings from this year on. In facts, each new product turns also into a communication project, supporting new choices in terms of themes and technologies, since Maxdesign is widening its range of products within a more and more aware market. This is the context of new strategical settings in the production process, such as seating covered with leather and fabric, several indoor products, and the project for new stools:

Cocktail Seating
A new trend in the metropolitan lifestyle: young people gathering together in the city to make a toast to the new spaces of entertainment. Hence a leading role belongs to the bar stool: almost exhibitionist and amused in a constant transformation, bringing a fresh breeze of happiness all the way from dowtown to home.
Maxdesign has always taken its inspiration for a new creativity from the evolution of lifestyles. Hence, the company offers to such an extraordinary piece of furniture seven interpretations. As a talent scout, Maxdesign found the most brilliant young international designers, who are asked to give a new shape to the stool.
The results are original and unexpected: plastic, the favorite material of the Friulian company, is folded in sculptural mono-shells like Le Plus - design Monica Graffeo -, Oragami - design Ora Ito - and InSella - design Satyendra Pakhalé -; it climbs up the harmonic steps, as for Scaleo - design Hannes Wettstein - and Saddle Stool - design Patrick Norguet -; it arises and spins on the steel bases of Sping Bud - design Xavier Lust - and Sugarfree - design Marco Acerbis -; simplicity and dynamism are the features of this open character, in search of emotions. Happy to be in a company, Sugarfree also feels comfortable by itself, highlighting its formal simplicity: it raises from the ground and it hovers in the air. The seating surfaces vary along the edges, moving it with an intense play of light emphasized by the asymmetry of front and back.

Dino, design Hannes Wettstein
It is an upholstered armchair with a clean essential cut. The wide backrest and its volume create a coxy gap from the surrounding space, inviting to relax. A simple character for a firm seating, whose neat, parallel lines give it shape: all inclinations match with each other. The armchair leans on an elegant base with a central swivel mechanism in aluminium, a typical feature of the projects by Hannes Wettstein for Maxdesign.

June chair and June pouf, design Dunja Weber
It is a chair thought for those who have all the time in the world. The comfort of the upholstered structure is worked out into clean lines where the one-shot-foam shell creates an elbow-rest as an extension of the backrest. The sledge structure, in powder-coated steel, recurs even in the new pouf and coffee tables which match together, as parts of an extended family, inviting to informal and leisurely seating. A funny, multifunctional pouf joins the collection: it goes perfectly together with the seat, becoming a comfortable footrest, for supreme relax, or a seat in its own right.

An everlasting investigation of the plenty of solutions offered by the ultimate technologies, a firm will of collaboration with the most talented designers in the international creative scene and an ironic and amused approach to shapes are the winning features of a success that brought the young company based in Udine (Italy) to an original and unmistakable reinterpretation of such a traditional product as the seating.

In this context of high innovation Maxdesign forced the technology of bi-injection - a complex process of molding plastic material - into furniture standards, such in the X3 seating series designed by Marco Maran or in the recent Tototo - design Hannes Wettstein -, an armchair conceived as a single sheet of polypropilene properly folded upside-down in a peculiar play of positive and negative shapes.

As for the rest, Maxdesign products such as the stools The Stones by Marco Maran, Moving and Dancer by Gabriele Pezzini, the chairs Stripe Bench and Wired by Gabriele Pezzini, Zed chair by Hannes Wettstein, So Happy and Ricciolina by Marco Maran thanks to their distinctive playful and emotional approach and Kross table by Hannes Wettstein and Crystal table by Gabriele Pezzini, can already be considered as classic pieces of young and informal furniture.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005, MIFF 2006 and MIFF 2007  

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