Bonaldo has been active for more than fifty years at the national and international level thanks to products that meet the many shades relating to contemporary dwelling style: chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories. Having achieved complete know-how in the industrialization of metalworking, our present-day designs and production also make use of other types of manufacturing and materials, such as aluminium die-casting, cold moulded flexible polyurethane and polypropylene.

Today the photographer Alberto Narduzzi and Sabrina Bonaldo, company head of marketing and communication, have transformed the idea of packaging containing and emphasising these values into reality.
The geometrical figure is that of a cube, a symbol of equilibrium and solidity, which becomes the through line of everything on offer for 2008. The new objects were photographed inside a cube with neutral-coloured walls, against the backdrop of the Bonaldo industrial warehouse, which will become the new company showroom, designed by Mauro Lipparini, which is due to be inaugurated in 2009.

Ballerina, design: James Brönte
Elegant, agile legs and a slim, elongated back, like the neck of a dancer, for this chair with its classic lines. The structure is made of varnished or chromed steel; it is padded with expanded polyurethane and covered in fabric or leather. The fabric cover is completely removable and is also available in a second version, Ballerina L, which covers the legs and falls gently to the ground.

Benny, design: Pier Vittorio Prevedello
It is a young, pleasant armchair that can easily be transformed into a chaiselongue and a guest bed. The seat can be turned over to form a comfortable footrest, while the chair back is reclinable and can be adjusted in various positions to create an ultra-comfortable chaiselongue with its own lower back cushion.

Cubic Glass, design: Gino Carollo
The collection, which includes three different types of bookshelves - Cubic, Orbit and Fun - was presented in 2007 and is today available in a new finish. Cubic, the square-based version, is now also available in smoked or extra-clear transparent glass, with a chromed steel base. This elegant version, which is named Cubic Light, adds to the already existing models in black, white, cappuccino and gold varnished wood.
As well as containing books and CDs, Cubic is a fun, decorative object for even the smallest spaces. It can also be rotated, to use the space to the utmost.

Deco', design: Gino Carollo
An elegant hint of decoration characterises this extendable table, in particular its legs in polished, chromed steel. The extendable tabletop is in extra clear mirrored glass or black or extra pale white varnish, with a lacquered extension. It gives minimalist environments a delicate touch of decoration that provides warmth without making the atmosphere excessively heavy.

Folio, design: Gino Carollo
The transparency and purity of glass, of which it is entirely made, make this small living room table suitable for all types of environments.
Available in two shapes - one square and one rectangular - it is characterised by the elegant combination of glass with the finish of the base, with a mirrored underside.

Lingotto, Lux and Exell small tables, design: Gino Carollo
The tables, expresses the way in which Bonaldo interprets a desire for luxury: this is sober luxury, with no frills, made up of rational lines and exclusive materials. It is a luxury that does not neglect functionality and responds to the need to optimise space as much as possible, even in the most prestigious homes.
The three tables have the same table top in glass, with a special mirrored finish interrupted by a carved chessboard design.

Glam and Glam Glass small table, design: Gino Carollo
The collection includes a pouffe and a table. Characterised by its quilted padding in expanded polyurethane and by its covering in fabric, high-tech shiny fabric or leather, it is particularly suitable for use as a table in the model supplied with a glass tabletop, available in an extra clear mirrored version or in Blackpearl (very dark smoked glass with a mirror treatment).

Artu', design: Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci
The development of the extendable table is such that practicality, elegance and design co-exist perfectly. It's main aesthetic feature is its lightness: the base has a large diameter, but is formed by thin varnished steel supports that guarantee its transparency.

Gloria, design: Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci
It has an enduringly popular design that makes it ideal for any elegant living room. The structure, which can be glimpsed at the base of the chair, is in steel; the chair is filled with expanded polyurethane foam and covered in leather or in fabric.

Peanut B, design: Mauro Lipparini
Numerous elements that can be freely combined, including a pouffe, make up the collection. Extremely soft, thanks to its feather padding, it is the natural continuation of the bed Fluff, presented in 2007, which is also characterised by the softness of its lines and padding.
The two models have a fun association of ideas in common: Mauro Lipparini thought of a famous sandwich, which has been popular in the United States since the twenties, in which soft, whipped sugar - fluff - is combined with peanut butter.

Tip Toe, design: Mauro Lipparini
Sometimes a name says a lot about the features of the product, and this is one example. Tip Toe expresses the discrete nature and lightness of this chair, not linked to any passing trends and suitable for all-round use.
The idea behind the design was to create a chair that is pleasant for those who use it: in terms of comfort and ergonomics, but also to the touch, where one gets a sense of its plastic modelling. Its covering, in leather or skin, is a decisive factor in creating this sensory pleasure and further characterises the chair, which becomes soft and plastic in its skin version and sculptural and well-defined in its leather version.

Plinto, design: Mario Mazzer
It adds a new mechanism to the Bonaldo collection. The leaf is housed on one side under the table and is simply rotated 180° and then raised to the level of the table. The mechanism has the same structure as the table, formed from the base and a mobile arm that rotate the leaf. As well as its practical aspect, the chromium-plated or varnished steel structure plays an aesthetic role and is deliberately on display, without the need to hide a mechanism that is not only practical but also beautiful to the eye.

Point, design: Giuseppe Viganň
It is an extremely modern bed that will appeal to the young and the young at heart. Its irregular, almost futuristic lines and angular aspect make it suitable for project work (hotels and residences) where design plays an important role.
The Point collection also includes an island version, with a wider base that offers more space for objects, together with or instead of a bedside table, and a triangular pouffe.

Poly, design: Karim Rashid
Poly as in "polycarbonate", the material from which the chair is entirely made, through a process of injection moulding with a particularly large and powerful press. Three different prototypes were created during the planning stage with the aim of obtaining the maximum level of comfort for the seat and a perfect degree of inclination for the chair back: together with virtual testing of the chair's mechanical resistance in order to satisfy resistance criteria for CATAS certification.
It has a young, original, geometric design. Both chair and back are made of different surfaces that intersect and yet the chair as a whole does not appear angular. It looks inviting and comfortable and this aesthetic impression is confirmed by the comfort of the seat.
One year after it was created Poly has already won two international awards, the Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Tectonic Tables, design: Alain Gilles
The series is based on the idea of movement - the movement of shapes in a single object, but also the movement that is born out of the possibility to create unexpected geometry by creatively combining several tables.
In other words, the concept is born from a desire to produce an object with non-static forms and to give the user the possibility to tell his own story and become a designer himself, by experimenting with any number of tables. If you look at the table from above, you can clearly see the table top has a rose design. This is how a simple, stylised object appeals both to our rational and geometric side and to our more romantic side.The two versions also allow you to experiment with the idea of full and empty spaces and offer increased possibilities of combinations.

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