Founded in the mid Sixties, Giovannetti hit immediately the international attention with innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the experimental climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing.
The love for the project, for the details and the research have distinguished the beginning and the entire story of Giovannetti, leaving the company out of momentary tendencies; creating an identity which places the company among those most originals in the industrial scene; almost an atelier that realizes hand made products, with the same enthusiasm, maintained day by day to satisfy a passionate and aware public.

At the International Furniture Fair Milan 2008 Giovannetti presents:

Bolle, armchair designed by Sergio Giobbi, 2008.
As usually linked to the game and "that kind of soft flavour" of life, the new chair of Giovannetti, designed by Sergio Giobbi. Produced in polyurethane foam with internai metal structure Wooden base with PVC feet.

Circus, designed by Giorgio Gurioli, 2008.
The new multifaceted Arch. Gurioli's seat designed for Giovannetti. A design that remembers the appiè peel, a seashell, or movement of wind. We have prefered to link it to the circular movement of a windmill, or to that circular arena where plays take piace. One single graphic sign to create a seat which can be lounge chair, relax chair or sofà for two. Curved steel structure. Padding in high-density polyurethane foam covered with acrylic fibre. Feet in aluminium fusion w. Padding and cover. Varnished decorated steel base.

Love, designed by Sandro Santantonio, 2008.
Body frame: fibre glass reinforced with steel profiles. Basis in satin and brushed inox steel, or stained in the same colours as the body is. Padding in high density shape-retaining polyurethane foam covered with protective fibre. Swivel seat. Body in series is: silver metal, shiny red or white.

Ring, designed by Giancarlo Zema, 2006.
An idea born as a hommage to Henry Moore the great english master, who changed the world of Modern Art. Table and stool owe their lightness to the big holes, that become a suitable piace for bags, magazines and small objects. A gas piston allows to set highness according to users needs. Ring makes art become function.

Star and Superstar, both designed by Space Time, 2007.
A kind of "je ne sais quoi" and our life changes for a meeting; a linear sequence changes and leaves space to a comfortable uncertainty, discovery of an experience that just the heart may see. Chromed metal buttons. Feet in satin-finished aluminium fusion. Polyurethane foam padding of different densities to obtain the effect of a smooth and comfortable wave.

Starlet, designed by Space Time, 2008.
A swivel-chair, elegant, projected to offer the maximum of comfort and to furnish in a practical and dressy way all different kind of places. Bearing wooden frame with reinforced elastic belts: padding in shape-retaining polyurethane foam of different layers; steel chromed buttons and varnished steel swivel-base. Removable cover.

Starlounge, designed by Space Time, 2007.
A type of chaise-longue for our best moments of relax; a romantic alcove for two. This relax chair, at the same time originai and elegant, has the capacity to give a strong touch of personality to its surrounddings and to contain us in an irresistible comfort. Bearing wooden frame with reinforcerd elastic belts; padding in shape-retaining polyurethane foam of different layers; steel buttons and feet in aluminium-fusion. Removeable cover.

Concerning past season, we notice the following products

Alice, designed by Space Time, 2005.
Soft lines and round corners for a chair that represents a thin and comfortable design, suitable to any environment in a simple and elegant way. It has a minimalist steel rod structure and a padded seat, with removable cover.

Ancella, designed by Mauro Lovi, 1994.
A small bedroom chair, functional and elegant at the same time. Frame in wood. Upholstery in indeformable polyurethan covered with dacron and protective tissue. Backrest. Cloth hanger in naturai beechwood Seat: tip-up seat with container Feet. Natural beechwood Cover. Completely removable.

Anfibio, designed by Alessandro Becchi, 1970.
Although Anfibio's unique timeless style has remained Constant over the years, this cult classic has been continually updated with innovations, making it ever more multi-use functonal.

Aries, designed by Pietro Pompeo Cavallo, 2007.
Aries was born from a scrupulous and patient formai research, that takes shape in a drawing aiming to synthesise harmony created by the opposites. Balance is researched by the combination of features and shapes with different peculiarities. Joining of creative principles such as Earth and Sky, Female and Male, is verifiable in the relation between the sofa seat; in its elliptical, harmonious, wrapping feature we find lightness and feminine grace; and the back, representing virility, dynamism and the force of the masculine principle. Elliptical seat: wooden frame, high density polyurethane foam covered with pro-tective lining Back: Steel frame.

Boss, designed by Paolo Piva, 1979.
Boss is directed to a public who loves "objects" with distinguishing character and a strong personality. After years of rigorous minimalism, giovannetti brings back the forcefui sinuous lines and extraordinary comfort of a design that has even achieved fame in films and television.

Bubba, designed by Norberto Delfinetti, Antonella Scarpitta, 2001.
An unusual kind of sectional seating with a sinuous metallic or upholstered armrest. Bubba's various sections may also be usedsingularly.

Daisy, designed by Sandro Santantonio, 2005.
Designed in the form of delicate flower petals, Daisy is wellcoming and comfortable. Seatframe in "abs". "Inox" steel base. The padding is made of shape retaining polyurethane covered with protective fabric. The covering available are: multicolour fabric, leather, or coated.

Dune, designed by Sandro Santantonio, Rocco Bruno, 2005.
A comfortable oasis of well-being, that cradles oneself in its sandy dunes at the end of a tough day.
This elements are the result of the research and the willingness to test both typical of Giovannetti; it represents a programme that suits the room that it is being built into. This is a double-edged project: the artistic-creative one, that is rendered by the force of the design and by the originality of the seat; and the project architectural one, both parts belong in fact to the designers that conceived and drawn it.e ed.

Flower, designed by Sandro Santantonio, 2004.
"Inox" steel trame. Oval-shaped steel base, white, black or silver painted. The padding is made of shape retaining polyurethane covered with protective fabric. The covering available are: multicolour fabric, leather, or coated.

Friends light, designed by Norberto Delfinetti, Antonella Scarpitta, 2001.
A selection seating System of varying dephts that can be combined or used as single pieces. A place for meetings, chats, rest... Essential lines and a sober style, enriched by soft cushions with a removable quilt.

Gabbiano, designed by Carin Silva Gili, 2003.
The mix of its materiais, combined with the sensuality and charm of its movement, gives Gabbiano the fascination of a relaxing island

Galassia Light, designed by Sergio Giobbi, 2001.
Modular System composed of 15 forms: round, rectilinear, angular, symmetrical, asymmetrical, etc... All freely combining with each other.

Giramondo, designed by Norberto Delfinetti, 2002.
A delightful sculpture piece that reveals itself as functional and comfortable seating. Perfect for hotels, shops, waiting rooms. Wherever people gather. A delightfui scuipture piece that reveais itsefi as functional and comfortable seating. Perfect for hotels, shops, waiting.

Gongolo, designed by Atelier Associati, 1995.
The warm sensation of being rocked in the cosiest armchair. A homey object linked to an ancient tradition.

I Girovaghi, designed by Renzo M. Banci, 1996.
A System of sectional seating that enriches and renews the domestic landscape. An invitation to an informai, eccentric and convivial way of living.

Jetsons, designed by Guglielmo Berchicci, 2001.
The Jetsons defines a contemporary way of sitting: free and informai. Jetsons is a hammock, a chaise-longue, a cradle, the seat of a space-ship, a tribal throne, a nest, comfortable, and at the sanme time dynamic, up-to-date, sensual and alien.

L'Agostina, designed by Fabrizio Barbero, Maurizio Navone, 1994.
A spirited piece with rounded lines, expressly designed for the home that's young and lively.

Link, designed by Norberto Delfinetti, Antonella Scarpitta, 2000
An ingenious seating System that can bemixed and matched in various formations, satisfying all kinds of furnishing needs.

Mirandolina, designed by Mauro Lovi, 1994.
Other than being very comfortable, Mirandolina is a perfect bedroom chair, suitable for the home and the hotel.

Momma, designed by Mirko Pallecchi, 1995.
An armchair offered in three sizae, XS, M, XL, just like your favorite T - shirt. Youthful, practical and elegant, they're suitable for the entire family.

Multilove, designed by Space Time, 2006.
A range of simple, sculptural, almost abstract elements, able to create - once assembled - the overall effect of dynamic and strong personality shapes. A composition game creating soft, dynamic, sensual architecture. A piace where meeting and creating an individuai home or public environment. Wooden frame. Doublé density shape-retaining polyurethane foam, covered with acrylic fibre and protective lining. Cushions padded with feathers and polyester-flakes. Feet in PVC.

Papessa, riedition: Atelier Associati, 2006.
Giovannetti rediscovers a charming and comfortable product of its history. Designed and produced for the first time in 1972, today Papessa is presented again to our public reviewed in lines and functionality, according to the major knowledge acquainted in ergonomy and for materials resistance. Steel frame. Padding in shape-retaining polyurethane foam with different densitycover with acrylic fibre and protective lining.

Papillon, designed by Guido Rosati, 1972
The Papillon series. Designed and conceived to steal your heart away. Comfort and elegance for an informai life - style.

Roly Poly, designed by Guido Rosati, 2000
Por the child in ali of us, inspired by the Roly - Poly toy, popular during the 1950's

Rose, designed by Sandro Santantonio, 2005
Rose, a versatile and innovative swivel chair. Seat trame in "abs". Swivel round base. The padding is made of shape retaining polyurethane covered with protective fabric. The covering available are: multicolour fabric, leather, or coated.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005, MIFF 2006 e MIFF 2007  

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