Dema's history begins in San Gimignano, in the heartland of Tuscany. From its very inception, Dema's production was based on clearly defined basic principles: technical and aesthetic quality in design, functionality and environmental compatibility. In time, this vocation has made for a unique collection in taste, technology and creativity, unrivalled on the international market for quality design sofas and armchairs. Dema employs over 50 workers at its 15,000 square meter plant in Certaldo, housing its production, Research & Development and product and prototype engineering divisions, plus an in-house Show-Room open to specialists and professionals in the field. Dema relies on the cooperation of well-known designers. Its main focus is on the production of armchairs and sofas for indoor environments. In recent years the company has widened its scope to include in its range of products high-tech 'contract' projects featuring state-of-the-art environmental compatibility. Several Dema projects have been the recipients of major international awards.

At Salone del Mobile di Milano, Dema is presenting its new Manhattan System. A highly versatile project, Manhattan is articulated in three basic elements – corner, central body, pouf – available in different widths. The range of sizes of the composition, assembled through a special system of hooking devices, makes it highly flexible and allows it to expand in the full expression of its width. Further enrichment is provided by the small brushed-steel benches. Truly elegant, designed with a painstaking care of detail for maximum comfort and in highly selected materials, Manhattan relies on Dema’s long standing know-how while expressing its commitment to the anticipation of creative trends in design. Designed by Leonardo Dainelli and Marzia Fortuzzi on their first collaboration with Dema, the system features a particularly low seat developing along distinctively horizontal lines. The perfectly essentiality of its lines and shapes makes for absolute style.

Again designed by Marzia Fortuzzi and Leonardo Dainelli, Dema presents Miami. A seat with cushions with structure in chromed steel, hide leather seat support and neutral thermoplastic material anti-slip end elements

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, Dema is presenting its Modulor System in chromed steel. Hide leather seat support. Neutral thermoplastic material anti-slip end elements.
Confirming a continuing trend, Dema is again cooperating with the designers Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni, already represented in several instances in the company’s catalogue and authors of this new and distinctly high-profile project. Modulor relies on a special quilting technique which emphasizes the softness of materials and the experience of touch, and finds aesthetic accomplishment in its references to the design from the Seventies and the Eighties. The evoking of the recent past in interior design is updated to contemporary styles through the starkness of shapes and lines, a distinct taste for proportions and the independence of each element within the whole. The modularity of the system is articulated in separate components, both single-standing and joined through a series of seams which also provide the basic structure. Modulor may be further customized through the addition of tailored coffee-tables.

Extremely sinuous and embracing lines, Rialto is a young and flexible sofa program. The backrest can be either high or low, to get original and peculiar items, without giving up to the comfort thanks to the high backrest and at the sametime to elegance and glamour, given by the subsequent falling down of the back.

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