D E S I G N  A R C H I V E S 

07-2008 Paolo Ulian  new   3rd Millennium 
11-2007 Antonella Scarpitta 
09-2005 Delineodesign  
02-2004 Cisotti Laube Studio  
10-2003 Paolo Villa Design  

02-2004 Luca Casini  Open Space 
01-2004 Shin Matsumoto  
10-2003 TOVDESIGN  
06-2002 Francesco Filippi  
04-2002 Andrea Alloesio  

Characterized until today as a "service magazine", Ideamagazine means to realize this new section to collect biographical cards, projects and works devoted to well-known and (particularly) young artists and designers operating (or interested to operate) in the field of design (furnishing, furniture and gift's articles).

Conceived as an instrument of acquaintance and dissemination of the "cultures of project", the archives in their complex means to create new synergies between enterprises, artists and designers with a privileged channel of communication between entrepreneurial world and planning creativity. An opportunity for who (younger) wants to introduce own abilities to the qualified target of our readers and an acknowledgment for who (more expert) has flyed consolidated "trend" of the XX century marking new boundaries.

Following a not rigidly constituted program, the Ideamagazine's archives will not try to delineate an outline of the actual planning tendencies, but, above all, it will be a "container" casted into experiences "borderline" and "others" (alternatives, excessive, and even radically divergent) as regards consolidated "way of life". A container, finally, particularly receptive to creative, expressive and productive truths prefiguring new types of "hybridization" between art, design and entrepreneurship.

In the hope of vital contribution from our readers to create many pages devoted to the plurality of "creative" and "strategic" designs, we note, at the bottom, our address to communicate us, biographies and images about planning experiences consistent with our publishing plan.


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