C O N T R I B U T I O N S 

11-2005 About kinetic and poetic design Interview with Sergio Giobbi    dt   Project 
03-2005 An architect (and a designer) must be a master of all trades Interview with Massimo Mariani  dt 
02-2005 About the many-dimensional project Interview with Carlo Bimbi  dt 
10-2004 About the versatile designer Interview with Luigi Trenti  dt 
09-2004 Shapes and Technologies of Innovation Interview with Biagio Cisotti  dt 
04-2002 Brazilian Design between Experimentation and Market Interview with Fernando and Humberto Campana
07-2001 Ecology and design Interview with Günther Horntrich
09-2000 About the concept of formal innovation by Monique Vervaeke
09-2000 Fluid design for the third millennium by Isao Hosoe
02-2000 Project and research Interview with Marco Migliari
02-2000 Can you make a sketch for us, architect? Debate Carlo Bartoli, Franco Dominici and Giuseppe Furlanis

04-2009 Milan International Furniture Fair 2009  mf   06   Market 
04-2008 Milan International Furniture Fair 2008 edited by Federica Capoduri  mf   25 
04-2007 Milan International Furniture Fair 2007 edited by Federica Capoduri  mf   36 
04-2006 Milan International Furniture Fair 2006 edited by Federica Capoduri  mf   55 
04-2005 Milan International Furniture Fair 2005 edited by Gabriella Masiello  mf   40 
11-2004 Technology, form and communication of the product Interview with FT&A Industrial Design
03-2004 Milan International Furniture Fair 2004: Seats, Sofas, Living & Dining, Salone Satellite  mf  edited by Gabriella Masiello
09-2003 Brazilian Design. Creativity and self-producing Interview with Leonardo Massarelli - Nó Design
04-2003 Milan International Furniture Fair 2003: Between Fashion and Design  mf  by Angelo Minisci
07-2001 Italia & Polska: Crescendo. Warsaw - October 21st / 29th 2000 by Letizia Salvadori
09-2000 The creative amazement Interview with Paolo Ulian
09-2000 Colours is life Interview with Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube
02-2000 Self-producing Interview with Gian Franco Coltella
02-2000 Culture as an added-value for enterprises Interview with Paolo Targetti

02-2005 Master (1° Level) in Design & Management of domestic product systems edited by M.Angeles Fernández Alvarez  Training 
11-2003 Padua Italian School of Design edited by Gabriella Masiello
09-2002 Degree Course in Industrial Design at Florence University by Giuseppe Lotti
07-2001 The design or moderating utopy Interview with Giuseppe Furlanis
09-2000 Reflections on the teaching of design by Joan Vinyets
02-2000 Continuity of tradition. The design school of Florence by Giuseppe Lotti

07-2001 The Radicals' legacy Interview with Lara-Vinca Masini  History 
09-2000 A necessary synergy Interview with Mauro Cozzi
02-2000 Objects to be fond of Interview with Renato De Fusco

07-2001 First international design competition Casa Toscana by Gloria Refini  Network 
09-2000 Tuscan landscape Interview with Paolo Pecile
02-2000 Casa Toscana: a synergic action Interview with Giuseppe Bianchi

04-2002 TRANSIT I/De/A. Announcing a new Biennale by Gabriella Masiello  Scenarios 
07-2001 Local identity today and globalization by François Burkhardt
09-2000 About the product... Interview with Giovanni Cutolo
02-2000 About the ability to make thought visible Interview with Francesco Mauri

07-2001 Strategic thought by Giuseppe Lotti  Editorial 
09-2000 It's not the big who eat the little but the quick who devour the slow by Giuseppe Lotti
02-2000 Why Ideamagazine.net by Giuseppe Lotti

 dt   = Design in Tuscany
 mf  = Milan International Furniture Fair