R E P O R T S 

07-2001 Danish Design Center - Copenaghen by Gloria Refini  Services Centres 
09-2000 Green Home Project. 64th International Handicrafts Exhibition by Gloria Refini
02-2000 DESIGNyard. The Applied Arts Center at Temple Bar in Dublin by Gloria Refini

07-2001 Exercises in Style. The italian style in New York by Angelo Minisci  Marketing 
09-2000 CSIL - Centro Studi Industria Leggera - Milan by Giuseppe Lotti
02-2000 Trendenze. Notebook Germany by Gloria Refini

10-2007 CoinCasaDesign by Martin Rance  Retail / Product 
07-2001 Mebel' 2000. Moscow 14th - 18th November 2000 by Letizia Salvadori
09-2000 Arzenal. Prague by Gloria Refini
02-2000 R.O.O.M. Two showroom in Scandinavia by Gloria Refini

07-2001 Living Trends Observatory SAIEDUE 2001 by Umberto Rovelli  Distribution 
09-2000 Some remarks about ITALEXPOLIBIA, Tripoli 2000 by Letizia Salvadori
02-2000 Ikarus. Design catalogue by Martin Haack

09-2011 Cos. Déjà Vu. New Incalmi for a Contemporary Venini by Stefano Maffei  new   Exhibitions / Meetings 
02-2010 Enzo Mari | Gabriele Pezzini. «Che fare» (What to do)
01-2010 But Where Have the Inventors Gone? Lorenzo Damiani by Marco Romanelli  new 
06-2009 Making Worlds in Venice. La Biennale di Venezia 2009 edited by Gabriella Masiello  new 
09-2008 Auction Corian®. More than 50 products and installations of international design edited by Umberto Rovelli
08-2008 Multipli di cibo Foodesign Guzzini Made in Japan
07-2008 Sparkling: a source place for ideas edited by Federica Capoduri
06-2008 Segis Aurea. Toscana Felix. XXI ADI Golden Compass Award 2008
05-2008 Spain Playtime. Fresh Air in Spanish Design edited by Federica Capoduri
03-2008 Marmomacc Meets Design edited by Federica Capoduri
12-2007 Energy from the ideas. Design for sustainable energy edited by Federica Capoduri
11-2007 Promosedia 2007. International Chair Exhibition edited by Federica Capoduri
10-2007 Vindesign 2007 edited by Federica Capoduri
09-2007 Copper and the Home edited by Federica Capoduri
09-2007 Macef 2007: Fall Appointment with Storie d'autore edited by Federica Capoduri
08-2007 Jubilee Pierre Paulin 80 / 60 / 50 edited by Gabriella Masiello
07-2007 I Have a Dream! Eleven dream designs edited by Federica Capoduri
07-2007 Macef 2007. Massimo Martini Design Award: Ceramics for breakfast edited by Federica Capoduri
06-2007 16 designers for Invicta edited by Federica Capoduri
06-2007 52nd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia edited by Gabriella Masiello
05-2007 Rebel edited by Federica Capoduri
03-2007 Rarity_Women Only edited by Federica Capoduri
12-2006 Macef 2006. Oblique meets Garofoli edited by Federica Capoduri
11-2006 Promosedia 2006 edited by Mariagiuia Graniti
10-2006 Emmelunga and Univerity: To Plan with Enterprises edited by Federica Capoduri
07-2006 27 Progetti Esatti edited by Federica Capoduri
06-2006 Open Your Mind edited by Gabriella Masiello
05-2006 VinDesign 2006 edited by Federica Capoduri
04-2006 Disabitare. Dorothy Gray at the Museo dell'Arredo Contemporaneo edited by Federica Capoduri
02-2006 Macef 2006. Six Signature Stories edited by Federica Capoduri
12-2005 Abitare il Tempo 2005. Krios Italia edited by Federica Capoduri
11-2005 Joe Colombo. Inventing the Future edited by Federica Capoduri
09-2005 CowParade Florence 2005 edited by Gabriella Masiello
09-2005 B&B at the 51st International Art Exhibition - The Venice Biennale 2005 edited by Gabriella Masiello
04-2005 Promosedia 2005. The Future in the Present edited by Aurora Mendez Derri
03-2005 69th International Art and Craft Exhibition: Made in Tuscany III Ed. edited by Aurora Mendez Derri
12-2004 Luxury in Living. Italian designers for Italian industries edited by Angelo Minisci, Umberto Rovelli
12-2004 Marcel Breuer. Design and Architecture edited by Maria Angeles Fernandez Alvarez
11-2004 Medesign. Mediterranean shapes edited by Maria Angeles Fernandez Alvarez
07-2004 Mitteleuropea Design... Contrasti edited by Maria Angeles Fernandez Alvarez
09-2003 Seats in the park: Municipality of Turin 2003 by Gabriella Masiello
07-2003 A Triennal Art Project in Florence: Horizons 2003 by Gabriella Masiello
06-2003 The Venice Biennale 2003: a "cord" between Venice and elsewhere edited by Claudia Gelosa
04-2003 Florence Furniture Fair 2003: Made in Tuscany by Gabriella Masiello
12-2002 FRAGILE! Fifth International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea
11-2002 Open Studios - Via degli Artisti 6 in Florence
03-2002 Toots Zinsky. Glass Sculpture. Museo Correr by Gabriella Masiello
07-2001 Vision and Reality - Conceptions of the 20th Century. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art by Gloria Refini
09-2000 Architecture and design for the hotel of the present which is already future by Barbara Giannessi
02-2000 Enzo Mari - Working into focus by Gloria Refini

04-2006 Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Jewel's design edited by Federica Capoduri  Books 
09-2003 Norberto V. Medardi, Palterer 1982-2002 "Architettura e altre storie" by Umberto Rovelli
09-2002 M. Daguerre - G. Zannone Milan, Architecture in the territory. Canton Ticino 1970-2000 by Gabriella Masiello
07-2001 AA.VV., DUE, a new publication by Angelo Minisci
09-2000 Fulvio Carmagnola e Mauro Ferraresi, "Worship Goods. Iper-goods and media society" by Angelo Minisci
02-2000 Cristina Morozzi, "Objects Revival. When waste come back to life" by Gloria Refini

12-2003 Area. Review of architectural and design projects by Umberto Rovelli  Reviews 
07-2001 Interior D+C. Design and construction by Gloria Refini
09-2000 Design Report. German catalyst by Martin Haack
02-2000 Ecologicamente. Notebooks on interior decoration, design and ecology by Gloria Refini

05-2003 The Faenza Prize 2003 edited by Umberto Rovelli  Research 
04-2003 Targetti Art Light Award 2003 edited by Umberto Rovelli
03-2002 The Faenza Prize. Innovation for Ceramic Art by Umberto Rovelli
07-2001 Designing Craft. Europe by Barbara Giannessi
09-2000 Art in the city. Stone seat by Gloria Refini
02-2000 Tecnoalabastro. Innovation for alabaster by Giuseppe Lotti