Milan - April 13th / 19th, 2005

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Simone Micheli, Go, Adrenalina Simone Micheli, Plexx, Adrenalina Simone Micheli, Sexychair, Adrenalina Simone Micheli, Polifemo, Adrenalina Simone Micheli, Olo, Adrenalina
Sexychair – seat by Simone Micheli –, Plexx – armchair, two-seat sofa and pouf by Simone Micheli –, Go – upholstered collection by Simone Micheli –, Polifemo – by Simone Micheli –, Olo – upholstered collection by Simone Micheli –, Ubo – armchairs, sofas and poufs by Simone Micheli –, Symbol – armchair by Simone Micheli –, Nuda and Pan – design collection by Simone Micheli –, Op – ironic seats armchairs, sofas and poufs by Simone Micheli –, the upholstered collections Otto and Ella – by Simone Micheli.

Alfredo Häberli, Tt, Alias Alfredo Häberli, Tindari, Alias Alfredo Häberli, Taormina, Alias Alfredo Häberli, Segesta, Alias Alfredo Häberli, Selinunte, Alias
Tt – small sofas, padded chairs, armchairs, padded benches and padded stools by Alfredo Häberli –, Tindari and Taormina – seats by Alfredo Häberli –, Segesta and Selinunte – small armchair and chair by Alfredo Häberli –, Sec – modular component system by Alfredo Häberli and Christophe Marchand –, Layout – storage system by Michele De Lucchi –, Highframe, Bigframe, Longframe, Armframe, Meetingframe, Rollingframe and Floatingframe – collection of seats by Alberto Meda –, Setes – bench by Alberto Meda –, Prima, Seconda, Quinta, Latonda and Botta 91, – chairs by Mario Botta –, Robot – dresser by Mario Botta –, Spaghetti Chair – chair, barstool and armchair by Giandomenico Belotti –, Atlas Chair, Atlas Stool and Atlas table – collection by Jasper Morrison –, Laleggera Chair, Laleggera Stool, Laleggera Bench, Ilvolo table – collection by Riccardo Blumer –, 01 02 03 – range of containers by Tamar Ben David –, Legnoletto – bed by Alfredo Häberli –, Tree Table – family of tables by Paolo Rizzatto –, Young Lady, Rolling Lady, Rolling Girl, Rolling Boy and Young Girl – family of chairs and armchairs by Paolo Rizzatto –, Flexus and Monoflexus – upholstered collection by Paolo Rizzatto – and the table Frametable – by Alberto Meda.

Monica Graffeo, Enpleinair, Arflex Giuseppe Viganò, Live, Arflex Monica Graffeo, Mints, Arflex Monica Graffeo, Mints, Arflex Monica Graffeo, Mints, Arflex
Enpleinair – chair by Monica Graffeo –, Live – sofas and shelves by Giuseppe Viganò –, Mints – chair and armchair by Monica Graffeo –, Mints – stool by Monica Graffeo –, Mints – small tables by Monica Graffeo, Antropus – legendary armchair by Marco Zanuso –, Lady – armchair icon of the Fifties by Marco Zanuso –, Fiorenza – armchair by Franco Albini –, Delfino – armchairs by Erberto Carboni –, Fourline – armchairs by Marco Zanuso –, Martingala – armchair by Marco Zanuso –, Bobo Relax – inspired dormeuse by Cini Boeri –, Amado – sofas by Cini Boeri –, Armilla – armchairs by Burkhard Vogtherr –, Virgola – armchairs by Yaacov Kaufman –, Civetta – chairs by Yaacov Kaufman –, Shon – sofas by Fabrizio Ballardini and Lucio Costanzi –, Kay – bookshelves by Studio Cerri & Associati –, Anton – leather chairs by Burkhard Vogtherr –, Moods – sofa by Hannes Wettstein –, Spline – chairs and arm-chairs by Hannes Wettstein –, Brera – sofa by Stefano Gallizioli.

Antonio Citterio, Arne, B&B Italia Antonio Citterio, J.J., B&B Italia Patricia Urquiola, Tufty-Time, B&B Italia Patricia Urquiola, Digitable, B&B Italia Naoto Fukasawa, Shelf X, B&B Italia
Arne – seat system by Antonio Citterio –, Arne complements – series of small containers for books by Antonio Citterio –, J.J. – small armchairs by Antonio Citterio –, Tufty-Time – sofas by Patricia Urquiola –, Digitable – small tables of "water-jet" perforated aluminium sheet by Patricia Urquiola –, Shelf X – bookcase by Naoto Fukasawa –, Outside – bowl or fruit basket by Naoto Fukasawa –, Inside – trays by Naoto Fukasawa –, Tetra – Ceramic candle holder by Naoto Fukasawa –, TV – paperweight/magnifying glass by Naoto Fukasawa –, Twist and Groove – pencil holders by Naoto Fukasawa –, Fly – chaise longue by Ora-Ito –, Landscape '05 – seat by Jeffrey Bernett –, Athos – extensible tables by Paolo Piva –, Abat Jour – table lamp by Ettore Sottsass –, Delta – table lamp by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Overscale – candles/sculptures by Jean-Marie Massaud –, UP series – armchairs, seats and pouff by Gaetano Pesce –, Radar – armchair by James Irvine –, Tulip – 360-degree swivel armchair by Jeffrey Bernett –, Metropolitan – small armchair by Jeffrey Bernett –, Mart – seatings in thermoformed leather by Antonio Citterio –, Eileen – small tables by Antonio Citterio –, Lazy – light chair by Patricia Urquiola –, Fat Fat – pouff and coffe-tables by Patricia Urquiola.
Marcel Wanders, Ballerina, Baleri Jeff Miller, Bentz, Baleri Jeff Miller, Clipt, Baleri Jeff Miller, Flipt, Baleri Arik Lèvy, Horizon, Baleri
Ballerina – ironic chair by Marcel Wanders –, Bentz – sculptural table by Jeff Miller –, Clipt – innovative seat by Jeff Miller –, Flipt – lounge chair and chaise longue by Jeff Miller –, Horizon – modular seating systems by Arik Lèvy –, Otis – sofa and armchair by Hannes Wettstein and EB&C –, The Other – containers and tables by Ilse Crawford –, Gio' Day Bed and Gio' Outline – chaise longue and day bed by Luigi Baroli –, Marì – chair and armchair by Luigi Baroli –, Lisa – seat by Perry King and Santiago Miranda –, T-Table – table by Angelo MangiarottiCeline – small table and tray with vase by Denis Santachiara –, Florian – coffee-table by Luigi Baroli –, Bobilla – shelving system by Enrico Baleri –, Mama – rocking chair by Denis Santachiara –, Cartoons – screen by Luigi Baroli –, Caprichair, Juliette and Ludwig – armchair, seats and table by Hannes Wettstein –, Bristol – sofa by Enrico BaleriCafe' Chair, Francesca Spanish, Cafe' Costes, President M, Mac Gee and Richard III – chair, small armchair, coffe-table, table, bookcase and armchair by Philippe Starck.

Karim Rashid, Skip, Bonaldo Karim Rashid, Dragonfly, Bonaldo Karim Rashid, Skoop, Bonaldo Karim Rashid, Flap, Bonaldo Mauro Lipparini, Glide, Bonaldo
Skip – chair by Karim Rashid –, Dragonfly – chaise-longue by Karim Rashid –, Skoop – stool by Karim RashidFlap – folding table by Karim Rashid –, Cove – sofa by Mauro Lipparini –, Glide – sofa by Mauro Lipparini, Jag – seat by Mauro Lipparini –, Laud and Kudo – tables by Mauro Lipparini –, Spoon – easy chair by Mario Mazzer –, Lei, Lei sì, Lei four, Lei tech – chair in four versions by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Chat, Chat Double – extendable tables by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, You – stackable seat by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Vision – tv stand by Gino Carollo –, Battista – coat stand by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, Tolomeo – sofa and accessory collection by Pier Vittorio Prevedello –, Look – mirror by Giuseppe Viganò –, Fli – extendable tables by Peter Ross –, Marta – leather covered chair by James Brönte –, Ypso – showy sofa by Christian Heimberger –, Bongo and Giubbe Rosse – sofas by Denis Santachiara –, Amanda, Flip, Linda, My life, Ola – chairs by Claudio Dondoli and Marco PocciDry, Oliver, Oscar, Sirio, Ugo – tables by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Oz – coat stand by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Dna, C02, H2O, Clone and Hydra – bookcase, mirror, table and seats by Massimo Iosa Ghini –, Ron-Aldo Down – very particular chair by Ron Arad – and Blow-Up – eccentric colour table by Gino Carollo.

Erresse Studio, Felix, Bontempi R&D Bontempi, Hola, Bontempi Daniele Molteni, Linda, Bontempi Sergio Giobbi, Link, Bontempi Erresse Studio, Midia, Bontempi
Felix – stacking chair by Erresse Studio –, Hola – stacking chairs by R&D Bontempi –, Linda – chairs and armchairs by Daniele Molteni –, Link – chairs by Sergio Giobbi –, Midia – armchairs by Erresse Studio –, Yang – light stacking chair by R&D Bontempi –, Discovery – barstool by Studio 28 –, Yes – folding chair by Sergio Giobbi –, Galileo – extension table by Giuseppe Casarosa –, Mistral – extension tables by Erresse Studio –, Paso – extension table by Erresse Studio –, Quadro – extension table by Maurizio Varsi –, Ten – extension tables by Daniele Molteni –, Atom – coffee table by Studio 28 –, Basic – coffee table in curved glass by Erresse Studio –, Hip hop, Leather, Round, Twist, Wire – collection of coffee tables in aluminium, cromed frame or curved glass by Studio 28 –, Eidos Collection – a very versatile living system by Studio 28 –, Archimede, Diderot, Lucrezio, Newton and Parmenide – sofas and sofa beds by Lino Codato.

Massimo Iosa Ghini, Leo, B.R.F. Paolo Grasselli, Ercolina, B.R.F. Jacob Pringiers, Baia, B.R.F. Marko Macura, Smile, B.R.F. Marco Maran, Big Betty Boom, B.R.F.
Leo – stool by Massimo Iosa Ghini –, Ercolina – chaise-loungue by Paolo Grasselli –, Baia – sofa by Jacob Pringiers –, Smile – armchair by Marko Macura –, Big Betty Boom – armchair by Marco Maran.

Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli, Jaco, Busnelli Tito Agnoli, Oh-mar, Busnelli Gruppo DAM (Designers Associati Milano), Libro, Busnelli Gruppo G14, Fiocco, Busnelli Sergio Giobbi, Alessandro Mazzoni Delle Stelle, Boboli, Busnelli
Jaco – sofa by Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli –, Oh-mar – sofa by Tito Agnoli –, Airone, Monopoli, Boboli, Ozio, Biplano, Allegretto – system of sitting, sofas, sofa-beds, benches and small armchairs by Sergio Giobbi and Alessandro Mazzoni Delle Stelle –, Libro – seat by Gruppo DAM (Designers Associati Milano) – and Fiocco – armchair by Gruppo G14.

Lorenzo Damiani, Airpouf, Campeggi Bu, Campeggi Giulio Manzoni, Island, Campeggi Vico Magistretti, Oblò, Campeggi Denis Santachiara, Taplit, Campeggi
Airpouf – hoover comfortable as sitting place by Lorenzo Damiani –, Bu – armchair by Campeggi Design –, Island – sofa and mega chaise-longue by Giulio Manzoni –, Oblò – sofa, chaise-longue, single or double bed by Vico Magistretti –, Taplit – carpet, emergency airbed and lamp by Denis Santachiara –, Pisolò – pouf and emergency airbed, Denis Santachiara –, Pisola – armchair and airbed by Denis Santachiara –, Xito – a multifunctional seat by Giovanni Levanti –, Ampère – sofa-bed by Giulio Manzoni –, Magellano – sofa-bed by Vico Magistretti – and Sofàrt – an hybrid and very creative sofa-poster designed by Lorenzo Damiani.

Marcello Ziliani, Tiffany, Casprini Marco Maran, Nuda & Cruda, Casprini Jorge Pensi, Exel, Casprini Carlo Bimbi, Move, Casprini Paolo Romoli, Wish, Casprini
Tiffany – stacking chair for indoor and outdoor use by Marcello Ziliani –, Nuda & Cruda – stacking chairs and armchairs by Marco Maran –, Exel – seats by Jorge Pensi –, Move – stacking chairs and armchairs for indoor and outdoor employ by Carlo Bimbi –, Wish – stacking chair created by Paolo Romoli –, Viola – stacking chair, armchair, barstool, armchair on wheels by Carlo Bimbi –, Minx and Bloom – stackable chair and bistro table by Archirivolto –, Salomè – seating system designed by Klaus Bergen.

Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Mediums Lips, Dema Roberto Tapinassi, Maurizio Manzoni, Plaza, Dema Carlo Bimbi, Exteso, Dema Roberto Tapinassi, Maurizio Manzoni, Mia, Dema Carlo Bimbi, Hotello, Dema
Plaza – collection of sofa, armchairs and accessories (support panels, small tables) by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni –, Mediums Lips – armchair by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Exteso – collection of sofas, armchairs and new alabaster lamps by Carlo Bimbi –, Mia – relaxation armchair by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni –, Hotello – collection of sofa and armchairs by Carlo Bimbi.

Denis Santachiara, Vitesse, Domodinamica Rodrigo Torres, Duna, Domodinamica Rodrigo Torres, Mist, Domodinamica Denis Santachiara, Swing, Domodinamica Denis Santachiara, Notturno italiano, Domodinamica
Vitesse – adjustable stool in mirror-polishing aluminium by Denis Santachiara –, Duna – contract armchair by Rodrigo Torres –, Mist – armchair made of polyurethane resins cold foamed in die by Rodrigo Torres –, Morfeo – unconventional sofa by Stefano Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres –, Calla – persuasive armchair by Stefano Giovannoni –, Swing and Maya desnuda – snug seat and chaise-longue by Denis Santachiara –, Notturno italiano, Olympiona and Olympia – lamps by Denis Santachiara –, Sciuscià – coat hanger by Denis Santachiara –, Girino and Vola Vola – tables by Denis Santachiara –, Cicalino – nice doormat by Denis Santachiara –, Popi Pop – comfortable seat by Augusto Quattrino –, Open – chair by Massimo Iosa Ghini –, Equatoriale – elegant lamp by Alberto Nason –, Capriccio di Ugo and Interface – seats by Matali Crasset –, HI Light – lamps by Matali Crasset –, HI Pouff – modular sofa by Matali Crasset.

Xavier Lust, Extra Chair, Driadestore - Driade Philippe Starck, Toy, Driadestore - Driade Christophe Pillet, Meridiana, Driadestore - Driade Christophe Pillet, Deauville, Driadestore - Driade Philippe Starck, Lord Yo, Driadestore - Driade
Extra Chair – seating by Xavier Lust –, Toy – armchair by Philippe Starck –, Meridiana – easy chair, high stool, dining-room chair by Christophe Pillet –, Deauville – armchair by Christophe Pillet –, Lord Yo – easy chair by Philippe Starck –, Kissi Kissi – cafè table by Miki Astori –, Tikka Table – family of tables by Miki Astori –, Mt1, Mt2, Mt3 – armchair, sofa, rocking chair by Ron Arad –, Romeo y Julieta – sofa, armchair by Sebastian Bergne –, Phantom – sofa by Peter Emrys-Roberts.

Fernando Campana, Humberto Campana, Fratelli Campana, Jennette, Edra Peter Traag, Mummy, Edra Francesco Binfaré, On the rocks, Edra Setsu Ito, Shinobu Ito, Au, Edra
Paesaggi Italiani – modular system consisting of furniture, walls and dividing back panels by Massimo Morozzi –, Croma – serie of square, rectangular, round and elliptical tables by Massimo Morozzi –, Jenette – chairs by Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana, Mummy – chair by Peter Traag –, Sponge – armchair by Peter Traag –, Flap – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, Damier – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, Esse – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, On the rocks – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, Masso – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, L'Homme et la Femme – sofa by Francesco Binfaré –, Meditation Pod – an armchair designed by Steven Blaess –, Sushi, Vermelha, Verde, Azul and Cone – chairs, armchairs and sofas created by Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana –, Favela – chair Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana –, Boa – a comfortable informal seat designed again by the Campana brothers –, Au – informal seating designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Adelphi Chair – essential chair by John Denton, Bill Corker, Barrie Marshall –, Elysée – sofas by Christophe Pillet –, Passepartout – seat by Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda –, Tatlin – sofas by Mario Cananzi, Roberto Semprini –, Fortuna and Silver – chairs and sofas by Leonardo Volpi –, Bocca – evergreen seat by Studio65 –, Pororoca – chaise lounge by Flavia Alves De Souza –, Soshun, Rose Chair, Getsuen and Anthurium – the flower collection by Masanori Umeda –, Blue Bench – minimal sofa by Maarten Van Severen –, Air One & Two – unusual seats by Ross Lovegrove –, Topolone, Cubista and Cubista Soft – sofas by Massimo Morozzi –, Penta and Neolitico – coloured tables by Massimo Morozzi.

Gianfranco Gualtierotti, Marco Penati, Clip, Fasem Julia Dozsa, Ribbon, Fasem Garth Roberts, PS, Fasem Archirivolto, Cayman, Fasem Vladimir Kagan, Fettuccini, Fasem
Clip – collection of chairs, easy chair, bergère and stool by Gianfranco Gualtierotti and Marco Penati –, Ribbon – table in fixed and extension versions by Julia Dozsa –, PS – occasional tables with leather top and decoration pattern made with laser technology by Garth Roberts –, Cayman – collection of bistro table and stool by Archirivolto –, Ast – clothes-hanger covered in hide leather by Charles O. Job, Delhi – stools covered in hide leather by Ines Paolucci and Daniele Statera –, Enea – pouff-seat made of interlaced stripes of elastic steel fully covered in hide leather by Cosimo Secco –, Petalo – small table covered in hide leather by Wakako Kita –, Fettuccini – armchairs by Vladimir Kagan –, Crop – chair by Ross Lovegrove –, K.U.-3B – chair with arms by Patricia Urquiola and Sung Sook Kim –, Rio – chaise-lounge by Oscar Niemeyer –, Magic – chair and armchair by Ross Lovegrove –, Abaco and Ala – table and cabinet by Andrea Branzi –, Fiorile – seats and barstools by Archirivolto –, Edge – seat/barstool by Stefano Gallizioli –, Sinuè – chair by Marco Maran.

Setsu e Shinobu Ito, Nu, FELICEROSSI Setsu e Shinobu Ito, Yu, FELICEROSSI Karim Rashid, Krysalis, FELICEROSSI Jacco Bregonje, Carlo Magnoli, Roberto Sartorio, Tangram, FELICEROSSI Emmanuel Babled, Filippo Protasoni, Pigreco, FELICEROSSI
Nu – armchair by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Yu – seat by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Krysalis – sofa with auto body by Karim Rashid –, Tangram – seating system by Jacco Bregonje, Carlo Magnoli and Roberto Sartorio –, Pigreco – table by Emmanuel Babled and Filippo Protasoni –, the small tables and bookcase ZigZag and Mr Hide – sofa by Davide Mercatali and Simon Quick.

Enzo Berti, Barça, Ferlea Enzo Berti, Bikini, Ferlea Enzo Berti, Cube, Ferlea Enzo Berti, Gap, Ferlea Enzo Berti, Kora, Ferlea
Barça – sofa/seat by Enzo Berti –, Bikini – seat/square puff by Enzo Berti –, Cube – armchair by Enzo Berti –, Gap – armchair by Enzo Berti –, Kora – rattan armchair by Enzo Berti, Shell – rattan armchair by Enzo Berti –, Lily – armchair by Enzo Berti –, Mari – puff by Enzo Berti –, Pop and Pop Outdoor – armchairs and puffs by Enzo Berti –, Katà – armchair and cushion set by Enzo Berti –, Dolmen – seatings by Enzo Berti –, Van – sofas by Enzo Berti –, Dozy – rocking chair by Enzo Berti –, Zig Zag and Zig Zag Outdoor– armchairs by Enzo Berti –, Pit – sofas and armchairs collection by Enzo Berti –, Poggio – sofa by Enzo Berti –, Miss – seating by Enzo Berti –, Brera – sofa by Enzo Berti –, Open – sofa by Enzo Berti –, Bagnante – chaise-lounge by Enzo Berti –, Swing – sofa by Studio Riforma –, Badessa – sofa by F.L. –, Plurimo – sofa by F.L.

Antonio Citterio, Happy, Flexform Antonio Citterio, Lifewood, Flexform Antonio Citterio, Life, Flexform Antonio Citterio, Infinity, Flexform Antonio Citterio, Air, Flexform
Happy – sofa by Antonio Citterio –, Life and Lifewood – sofas by Antonio Citterio –, Infinity – bookshelves and stackable modular boxes by Antonio Citterio –, Air – chaise-longue by Antonio Citterio –, Betty – small armchair by Antonio Citterio –, Artwood – collection of small tables by Antonio Citterio –, Valery – sofa by John Hutton –, Square – collection of low table, cabinets with doors, night and day small table and consolle by John Hutton –, Magister – elegant sofa by Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava –, Eva – comfortable chair by Paolo Nava –, Carlotta, Brenda, Timeless, Max and a.b.c. – chairs, small armchairs and seats by Antonio Citterio –, Tube chair – historic seat by Joe Colombo.

Sandro Santantonio, Rocco Bruno, Daisy, Giovannetti Sandro Santantonio, Rocco Bruno, Dune, Giovannetti Enrico Buscemi, Piergiorgio Leone, Alice, Giovannetti Enrico Buscemi, Piergiorgio Leone, Place, Giovannetti Enrico Buscemi, Piergiorgio Leone, Jolly, Giovannetti
Flower, Daisy and Rose – armchair and chairs by Sandro Santantonio –, Dune – sofa / informal seat by Sandro Santantonio and Rocco Bruno –, Alice – armchair by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone –, Place – sofa / landscape seat by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone –, Jolly – small tables by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone –, Anfibio – convertible sofa by Alessandro Becchi –, Papillon – armchairs and sofa by Guido Rosati –, Boss – sofa by Paolo Piva –, Galassia – sofa by Sergio Giobbi and Atelier Associati –, Ancella – multiuse armchair by Mario Lovi –, Momma – armchair by Mirko Pallecchi –, Girovaghi – sofa by Renzo M. Benci –, Roly Poly – armchair / rocking chair by Guido Rosati –, Link – sofa by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, Jetson – seat / hammock by Guglielmo Berchicci –, Isa – dormeuse / chaise-loungue by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, Bubba – sofa by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, Giramondo - Tribute to Boullée – circular seat by Norberto Delfinetti –, Gabbiano – chaise-loungue / rocking chair by Carin Silva Gil –, Friends – sofa and table by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta.

Patricia Urquiola, T-Table, Kartell Patricia Urquiola, Usame, Kartell Patrick Jouin, Optic, Kartell Ferruccio Laviani, Gè, Kartell Vico Magistretti, Nihau, Kartell
T-Table – table by Patricia Urquiola –, Usame – side-table by Patricia Urquiola –, Optic – cube seat by Patrick Jouin –, – hanging lamp by Ferruccio Laviani –, Nihau – chair by Vico Magistretti –, Topcut – chair by Philippe Starck –, Mademoiselle Pol – armchair by Philippe Starck –, Mademoiselle – leather or Missoni Home covered armchair by Philippe Starck –, Spoon Chair – office chairs by Antonio Citterio –, Trix – seating systems by Piero Lissoni –, Charles Ghost – chair by Philippe Starck –, François Ghost – series of wall mirrors by Philippe Starck –, Victoria Ghost – chairs by Philippe Starck –, Li-brary – modular bookcases by Philippe Starck –, Toptop – coffee tables by Philippe Starck –, Flip – trolley by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen –, Bookworm bookcases by Ron Arad –, Maui chairs by Vico Magistretti.

Luca Nichetto, Face, Kristalia Bartoli Design, Cocoon, Kristalia Monica Graffeo, CU, Kristalia Kreative, Olivia, Kristalia Monica Graffeo, Chair, Kristalia
Face – a stackable chair by Luca Nichetto –, Cocoon – fashionable floor-standing halogen lamp by Bartoli Design –, CU – table, bench, service top by Monica Graffeo –, Mantis – small armachair for office by Paolo Zani –, Spor – a floor lamp by Christian von Ahn –, Olivia, Giorgina – leather seats by Kreative and by Bluezone –, Sushi – line of occasional tables by Bartoli Design –, Nude – a floor-standing adjustable lamp by Delineodesign –, Fata, Chair, Free, Free stool, Free light – seats all by Monica Graffeo –, Boum – soft chair and stool by Monica Graffeo and Ruggero Magrini.

Norman Foster, Gherkin, Kundalini Karim Rashid, Bokka, Kundalini Karim Rashid, Floob, Kundalini Helen Kontouris, La La Lamp, Kundalini Guglielmo Berchicci, E.T.A., Kundalini
Gherkin – blown glass lamps by Norman Foster –, Bokka and Floob – lamps by Karim Rashid –, and La La Lamp – contemporary lampshades by Helen Kontouris –, E.T.A., E.T.A. baby, E.T.A. sat, Yoga – family of lights by Guglielmo Berchicci –, Yoga Vasa – family of vases by Guglielmo Berchicci –, Chakra, Ojas, Ray bow, Sama table, Sama ceiling and Sama – lamps by Gregorio Spini –, Shakti Wall, Shakti, Shakti Air and Shakti Sky – lamps by Marzio Rusconi Clerici –, Hara – armchair by Giorgio Gurioli –, Bodhi – table in varnished fiberglass by Giorgio Gurioli –, Asana – lamp by Giorgio Gurioli –, Noglobe – lamp by Marzio Rusconi Clerici and Laura Agnoletto –, Notech – table lamp by Gregorio Spini –, Padma – lamp by Marzio Rusconi Clerici.

Daniele Lago, Diamante, Lago Enzo Berti, Amplia A24, Lago Daniele Lago, Morgana, Lago Daniele Lago, Net, Lago Enzo Berti, Ampolla, Lago
Diamante – drawer units by Daniele Lago –, Amplia A24 – modular system by Enzo Berti –, Morgana – chest of drawers by Daniele Lago –, Net – modular bookcase by Daniele Lago –, Ampolla, Balestra and Pala – three different chairs of an ancient beauty by Enzo Berti –, Pontaccio – shelving system by Enzo Berti, Carlos Garcia and Scuola Italiana Design –, Statica – shelving system by Daniele Lago –, Tangram – modular bookcase by Daniele Lago –, Logica – chair by Daniele Lago –, Yang – bed and nomad objects by Daniele Lago –, Loto – table by Franco Lago –, 36e8 – living module by Daniele Lago –, Vitra and Libra – door by Daniele Lago –, Punto – wall storages by Daniele Lago –, Fluttua and Morbidoso – beds by Daniele Lago –, Soft-Wood – wooden panel and foam rubber combined together by Daniele Lago –, Twins – chests of drawers and bedside tables by Daniele Lago.

Jasper Morrison, Air-Armchair, Magis Naoto Fukasawa, Dèjà-vu, Magis Jerzy Seymour, Easy table, Magis Marc Newson, Hex Family, Magis Eero Aarnio, Puppy XL, Magis
Hex Family – collection by Marc Newson –, Dèjà-vu – stools by Naoto Fukasawa –, Easy table – outdoor stacking tables by Jerzy Seymour –, Easy Chair – armchair in polypropylene by Jerzy Seymour –, Air-Armchair – chair with armrests by Jasper Morrison –, Air-Chair – chair by Jasper Morrison –, Stool_One – stools by Konstantin Grcic –, Table_One – bistro tables by Konstantin Grcic –, Tin – chairs all made in steel sheeting, with three legs by Konstantin Grcic –, Pop – children’s chair by Enzo Mari, Julian – children’s chair by Javier Mariscal –, Trioli – children’s chair by Eero Aarnio –, Little Flare – children’s table by Marcel Wanders –, Ladrillos – shelving system by Javier Mariscal –, El Baul – trunk/container again by Javier Mariscal –, My House – curtain-cum-tablecloth by Björn Dahlström –, Puzzle Carpet – soft expanded polyethylene coupled by Satyendra Pakhalé –, Puppy – abstract plastic dog by Eero Aario –, Nido – nest/cave by Javier Mariscal –, Football Tape – adhesive tape by Martí Guixé –, Voido – rocking chair by Ron Arad –, Trash – waste-paper by Jasper Morrison –, Tango Family – range of tables by Stefano Giovannoni –, Sussex – table by a Robin Day –, Striped CollectionChair, with or without arms Arm-chair, Stool, Chaise longue, Sun-bed, Tables, Low Tables and High back by Ronan Bouroullec and Erwan Bouroullec –, Nic – chair by Werner Aisslinger –, Magis Wagon – small table on wheels by Michael Young –, Folding Air-Chair, folding chairs by Jasper Morrison –, Chair_One – innovative stacking chairs by Konstantin Grcic –, Centomila – stacking chairs by James Irvine –, Boogie Woogie – shelving system stacking and adjoining by Stefano Giovannoni.

Rodolfo Dordoni, 2Leather, MATTEOGRASSI Rodolfo Dordoni, 2Leather, MATTEOGRASSI Eoos Design, Jarama, MATTEOGRASSI T. Wise, Britt, MATTEOGRASSI Tito Agnoli, Korium, MATTEOGRASSI
2Leather – modular system bookshelf by Rodolfo Dordoni2Leather Poltrona – swiwel relax armchairs and pouf padded and covered in leather by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Jarama – sofas collection padded and covered in leather by Eoos Design –, Britt – sofas collection covered in leather T. Wise –, Korium armchair by Tito Agnoli –, Ballerina – chair by Herbert and Jutta Ohl –, Ypsilon – armchair by Pelikan Design –, Openside – sofa by Franco Poli –, Tweety – chair by T. Wise –, Strato – sofa, armchair and table by Mauro Lipparini –, MM e Elementaire – chair and sofa by Jean Nouvel.

Marco Maran, X3, Maxdesign Marco Maran, The Stones, Maxdesign Gabriele Pezzini, Wired, Maxdesign Gabriele Pezzini, Dancer, Maxdesign Gabriele Pezzini, Crystal, Maxdesign
X3 – collection of chairs by Marco Maran –, The Stones – stool by Marco Maran –, Wired – chair by Gabriele Pezzini –, Dancer – stool by Gabriele Pezzini –, Crystal – table by Gabriele Pezzini –, Moving – stool by Gabriele Pezzini –, Ricciolina – chairs and small tables by Marco Maran –, So Happy, – armchair by Marco Maran –, I'm dreaming – chairs by Dominic Symons.

Bruno Fattorini, Slim, MDF ITALIA Bruno Fattorini, LCD-Plasma Television Panel, MDF ITALIA Bruno Fattorini, Case_04, MDF ITALIA Bruno Fattorini, Lim_04, MDF ITALIA Bruno Fattorini, Sliding, MDF ITALIA
Slim – tabletop, made of plywood with teak veneer by Bruno Fattorini –, LCD-Plasma Television Panel – wall panel system by Bruno Fattorini –, Case_04 – system of units both stackable and modular as a column by Bruno Fattorini –, Lim_04 – family of coffee tables by Bruno Fattorini –, Sliding – sofa by Bruno Fattorini –, Desk – family of equipped tables and console tables by Bruno Fattorini and Francesco Bettoni –, Random – bookcase by Neuland Industriedesign –, 006 – chair by For Use –, 40metriquadri – tables by Alberto Del BiondiLe banc, Le miroir, Lounge sofa, La grande table, La table basse – bench, mirror, sofa, table, small table by Xavier Lust –, Flor – system of seats by Sergio Brioschi –, Sabrina – upholstered chair by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, C_Uno e T_table – chair and table by Francesco BettoniM1, Lofty-chaise longue, Lofty-chair and Lofty-armchair – seats by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Elevenfive seat system by Bruno Fattorini.

Ferruccio Laviani, Hi-Bridge, MOLTENI Ferruccio Laviani, Hi-Cove, MOLTENI Patricia Urquiola, Glove, MOLTENI Rodolfo Dordoni, Lyz, MOLTENI Studio F&L, Francine, MOLTENI
Hi-Bridge – sofa system by Ferruccio Laviani –, Hi-Cove – armchair with a swivelling base by Ferruccio Laviani –, Alfa chair of clear-cut proportions by Zed –, Lido – sofa with classic and balanced proportions by Zed –, Glove – family of seats by Patricia Urquiola –, Lyz – upholstered armchair by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Francine – elegant armchair by Studio F&L –, Clipper – chair with padded seat by Studio F&L –, Domino – system of coffee tables by Nicola Gallizia –, Marais, Odéon and Passy – dormeuse, sofa and armchair by Paola Navone –, Teatro – chair by Aldo Rossi e Luca Meda –, Milano – chair by Aldo Rossi –, Less – table byJean Nouvel –, Sigma – chaise-longue by Hannes Wettstein –, Diamond – table by Patricia Urquiola –, Reversi – comfortable sofa by Zed.

Alfredo Häberli, Take Off, Moroso Aziz Sariyer, Quintet, Moroso For Use, Transform, Moroso Konstantin Grcic, Osorom, Moroso Marcel Wanders, Print, Moroso
Lukum – family of upholstered items and seat-cushions by Patricia Urquiola –, Smock – small armchair embroidered at the sides by Patricia Urquiola –, Bloomy – sofas by Patricia Urquiola –, Phoenix – containers and coffee tables by Patricia Urquiola –, Supernatural – stackable chair made in plastic materials by Ross Lovegrove –, Skate – sectional waiting system by Alfredo Häberli –, Take Off – rounded, wrap-around armchair by Alfredo Häberli –, Citizen – sofa with faceted lines by Alfredo Häberli –, Print – sofa covered with specially printed fabrics by Marcel Wanders –, Osorom – pouf-ottoman by Konstantin Grcic –, Dummy – chair and side chair in tubolare di ferro by Konstantin Grcic –, Doll Chair – high chairs covered of organdies and mousselines by Tord Boontje –, Witch Chair – chairs covered in flakes of black leather by Tord Boontje –, Oval Table – tables with a decorated top by Tord Boontje –, Sweetie – voluminous pouf by Tord Boontje –, Kissing Bench – a small sofa covered in woollen cloths by Tord Boontje –, Happy Rocker – a rocking chair by Tord Boontje –, Three Skin Chair – elegan chairs by Ron Arad –, Ripple Chair – fascinating seats by Ron Arad –, Countach Table – a successful hybridization between high tech and informal style by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram –, Deer – informal waiting system made of self-skinning polyurethane by Arne Quinze –, Anywhere Chair – small armchair by Stephen Burks –, Transform – seat-small armchair by For Use –, Quintet – bookcases by Aziz Sariyer –, Phoenix, Malmoe and Lowseat – seating systems, armchairs and sofas by Patricia Urquiola –, Mass – seats and sofas by Jean Nouvel –, Serpentine – sinuous waiting seats by Tom Dixon –, M-Collection – seating systems, armchairs and small sofas by Ross Lovegrove –, Gluon – armchairs, sofas and chaise-longue by Marc Newson –, Saruyama – landscape seatings by Toshiyuki Kita –, Waiting – waiting sets of the 80's by Rodolfo Dordoni – and Guizzo – "bolidist" barstool by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

Sergio Giobbi, Bonita - divanetto/bench, Origlia Sergio Giobbi, Bonita - sedia/chair, Origlia Sergio Giobbi, Bonita - sgabello/stool, Origlia Luigi Origlia, Fusioni, Origlia Luigi Origlia, Dama, Origlia
Bonita – twin-seat/bench by Sergio Giobbi –, Bonita, – chair and armchair by Sergio Giobbi –, Bonita – barstool by Sergio Giobbi –, Fusioni – barstools by Luigi Origlia –, Dama – barstools by Luigi Origlia –, I rulli – perch for poseur by Luigi Origlia –, Plus – limitlessly stackable chair by Ashley Hall and Matthew Kavanagh –, More – chair by Ashley Hall and Matthew Kavanagh –, Albero dei cappelli – coat-stand by Ugo Nespolo.

Marco Maran, Hooplà, Parri Marco Maran, Free, Parri Marco Maran, Hoop/4, Parri Marco Maran, Baby, Parri Marco Maran, On/Off, Parri
Hooplà – collection of chairs by Marco Maran –, Free – armchair by Marco Maran –, Hoop/4 – chair by Marco Maran –, Baby – chair by Marco Maran –, On/Off – system of chairs by Marco Maran –, Plastic – stool by Marco Maran –, Toffee – chairs and barstools by Marco Maran –, Easy – chairs, armchairs, stools by Marco Maran –, Blob – chairs and armchairs by Marco Maran –, Bla Bla Bla – stackable chairs and barstools by Marco Maran –, Eta Beta – stools by Marco Maran –, Simple – armchairs by Marco Maran.

Konstantin Grcic, Miura, Plank Claudio Bellini, Mon Ami, Plank Biagio Cisotti, Sandra Laube, Stella, Plank Luca Trazzi, Expresso, Plank Biagio Cisotti, Sandra Laube, Luna, Plank
Mon Ami – armchair by Claudio Bellini –, Luna, Stella – chair and barstool by Studio Cisotti Laube –, Miura – stool by Konstantin Grcic –, ...Fizz – barstool by James Irvine –, Expresso – chair by Luca Trazzi.

Piero Lissoni, HT Office, Porro Jean-Marie Massaud, Truffle, Porro Christophe Pillet, Nouvelle Vague, Porro Matthias Hickl, Tilt, Porro Jean-Marie Massaud, Lipla, Porro
System NXT – four impressive bookcases with shelves by Piero Lissoni –, HT Office – a system totally dedicated to the office by Piero Lissoni –, Modern – system of containers by Piero Lissoni –, Storage – cabinets and storage units system by Piero Lissoni available in version: battente, pieghevole, scorrevole, complanare, cabina armadio, maniglie –, Ram and Beam Glass – tables by Piero Lissoni –, Ice Beam white table by Piero Lissoni –, Truffle – new seat by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Pebble – small stone tables by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Nouvelle Vague – chaise longue by Christophe Pillet –, 4by8 – family of storage units by Ingo Strobel –, Tilt – multifunctional objects by Matthias Hickl –, Scent – bed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Lipla – new bed by Jean-Marie Massaud –, TL1 – elliptical table by Ferruccio Laviani.

Raul Barbieri, Ala, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Ala, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Ala, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Ala, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Ala, REXITE
Olivia – family of chairs by Raul Barbieri –, Convito – tables by Raul Barbieri –, Nox Ipso – elegant coat stand by Raul Barbieri –, Nox Vesta – coat rail on castors by Raul Barbieri –, Nox Flora planters on castors by Raul Barbieri –, Nox – waste paper bins and flame chocking lids by Raul Barbieri –, Desco – elegant little tables by Raul Barbieri –, Banco Light – computer table by Raul Barbieri –, Welcome, Zanzibar and Zanziswing – family of stools by Raul Barbieri.

Richard Sapper, Ala, Robots Enzo Mari, Bovisa, Robots Donato D'Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi, Tip tap, Robots Donato D'Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi, T-tina, Robots Zerouno, Robots
Abitacolo – livable metal structure for children by Bruno Munari –, Ala - a bookcase system of shelves by Richard Sapper –, Bovisa – steel table with top in top made of Doluflex ® aluminium by Enzo Mari –, Tip tap – flexible trolley for the home by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, T-tina – light and stackable chairs for indoors and outdoors by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, Zerouno – system of closed or open containers by Robots –, Delfina – a Compasso d'Oro prize seat by Enzo Mari –, Sof Sof – chair with welded steel rod frame structure by Enzo Mari –, Jack – closable clothes-stand by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, Trieste and Seattle – wall-bookshelves and free-standing shelving system by Enzo Mari –, Delta – free-standing bookcase by Enzo Mari and Paolo Reina –, Press – magazine-rack by Enzo Mari –, Cantina – tackable bottle-rack by Enzo Mari –, Cerano CD – Cd-rack with structure in chromed steel by Enzo Mari –, Biplano – folding table by Bruno Munari –, Filo di ferro – table legs with drawn fixing plate by Enzo Mari.

Massimo Iosa Ghini, Fluid, Triennale di Milano, Saporiti Italia Massimo Iosa Ghini, Fluid, Triennale di Milano, Saporiti Italia Massimo Iosa Ghini, Fluid, Triennale di Milano, Saporiti Italia Massimo Iosa Ghini, Fluid, Triennale di Milano, Saporiti Italia Massimo Iosa Ghini, Fluid, Triennale di Milano, Saporiti Italia
Fluid – design installation at the Milan Triennale with sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs and beds by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

Ettore Sottsass Jr., Christopher Redfern, Zoran Jedrejcic, Trono, Segis Bartoli Design, Kimono, Segis Roberto Romanello, Alphabet Collection, Segis Carlo Bimbi, Paolo Romoli, Blitz, Segis Carlo Bartoli, Poppy Star, Segis
Kimono – stacking upholstered armchair with removable cover by Bartoli Design –, Trono – stacking chair easily transformed into an armchair by applying on the back the accessory Cappuccio, by Sottsass Associati (Ettore Sottsass Jr., Christopher Redfern, Zoran Jedrejcic) –, Nami – contract seat by Paolo Crescenti –, Alphatables – tables with "tray" tops by Paolo Romanello –, Pacific – chair by George J. Sowden –, Blitz – chairs and armchairs by Carlo Bimbi and Paolo Romoli –, Breeze, Wing, Cloud and Poppy Star – seats by Carlo Bartoli –, Charlie – chair by Carlo Bimbi and Nilo Gioacchini –, Network and Noon – chair and stool by Archirivolto –, Et Voilà and Clip-Clap – little tables by Sergio Giobbi –, Please – armchair by Isao Hosoe and Etien Veeman –, Stop&Go – community seats by Alberto Lievore, Ilse Altherr and Manuel Molina –, Uno – amazing chair made in R606 by Carlo Bartoli and Renzo Fauciglietti –, Alphabet – armchairs, sofas, small armchairs, canapé, pouffs, and chaise-longue collection by Roberto Romanello including: Alpha, Beta, Beta 2, Beta S, Delta, Delta 2, Delta 2-S, Fi Large, Gamma, Hi-Fi, Hi-Omega, Lambda, Mi-Longue, Omega, Omega 2, Vu and Vu 2.

Nigel Coates, Ginetta, Slamp Centro Stile Slamp, Kristall, Slamp Alessandro Mendini, Venti, Slamp
Ginetta – lamp by Nigel Coates –, Kristall – lamp by Slamp Style Centre –, Venti – lamp by Alessandro Mendini.
Ludovica Palomba, Roberto Palomba, Dora, Zanotta Emaf Progetti, Upndown, Zanotta Carlo Colombo, Sushi, Zanotta Roberto Barbieri, Lella, Zanotta Carlo Colombo, Surf, Zanotta
Dora – armchair by Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba –, Upndown – sofas by Emaf Progetti –, Sushi – armchair by Carlo Colombo –, Lella – armchair by Roberto Barbieri –, Surf – table by Carlo Colombo –, Lio – stool by Roberto Barbieri –, Bieder – table by Emaf Progetti –, Ixs – coffee table with "tray" top by Carlo Colombo –, Acca – coffee table by Tom Kühne –, Elle – coffee table with asymmetrical frame by Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto and S. Marzoli –, Tod – coffee table by Todd Bracher –, Night – bed by Carlo Colombo –, Box – bed by Emaf Progetti –, Oscar – night table by Emaf Progetti –, Segreto – night table by Ilaria Marelli and Diana Eugeni –, Dessouschic – tables who critically reviews the tradition of French ancient furniture by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance.

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